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  Theme camps are a pre-planned group of people camping together with a collective mission to provide a FREE unique experience or environment to the community of Beardfest.  Theme camps might offer their own pre-planned events as an additional/alternative activity for Beardfest participants to attend or simply provide a common area for folks to gather and enjoy the space.  Theme Camps (and individuals) are encouraged to curate a space that most excites them!

Theme camps take Beardfest to the next level! They provide additional spaces for festival participants to explore and get to know one another. As such, theme camps are provided with special perks, like a reserved campsite, placement on the official Beardfest map, and the ability to enter early to set up.

Theme Camp Kid Friendliness levels:

 We want to make sure all families always feel comfortable at Beardfest. This year when you check in you will receive a pamphlet. Inside will be a detailed map of the property which will include the theme camp locations along with its Kid Friendliness Level Rating.

Red: No kids permitted.

Yellow: Some activities/topics will not be suitable for children's eyes and ears, but we leave the risk of engagement up to the parents.

Green: Kids are permitted 100% of the time.

Check out last year's theme camps for inspiration below!

Barnyard in the Loop  


The OG Theme Camp at Beardfest. Come enjoy our hanging garden, our friendly vibe, and our hot tub. Meatman loves you! 


Kid Friendly level: Yellow.

Stef’s Cereal Bar


Stef's Cereal Bar is the continental breakfast of the festival! We offer free cereal 24 hours long during your stay at Beardfest! Come enjoy several varieties of cereals, milks, and light snacks whenever you are hungry and enjoy wonderful conversations at our 'dining room‘!

Kid friendly level: Green

Camp Dog Pound


The year is 2023. The Dog Pound is growing with each passing show. Asbury Park powerhouse Dogs In A Pile have curated their own community called the “Dog Pound”. The Dog Pound loves Beardfest and everything about it so when we saw the chance to host a theme camp we jumped right on it! The Dog Pound represents inclusion, unlimited self expression, safety, and community. Everyone is welcome and we support all bands, artists, and festival goers alike. Please come hang, grab a companion or two for the weekend and Give Us A Woof!!

Kid friendly level: Yellow

Camp Spooky

Description: Do you love Halloween and wish it could be all year round? Us too. That's why here at Camp Spooky, it's Halloween all the time! We pride ourselves in being spooky(not scary,) silly(not sinister,) and also kooky and a bit creepy. Put on your favorite costume and join us for treats and revelry. There are treats for all, but if you're brave enough, we have some tricks, as well.

Kid friendly level:  Green

Cirque de Peace


Welcome to Cirque De Peace, the radiant theme camp nestled within the magical realm of Beardfest. Step into our captivating oasis where the art of flow comes alive. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of flow arts as talented performers dance with fire, LED lights, and vibrant props. Explore our camp, where artisans showcase their unique creations, offering you a chance to take home a piece of the festival magic. Join our inspiring flow art workshop to learn new skills and express yourself through movement. As day turns to night, let the soothing melodies of light music serenade your soul. Cirque De Peace invites you to embark on a journey of self-expression, connection, and joyous celebration. Come, be part of our vibrant community and experience the transformative power of flow arts at Beardfest.

Kid Friendly level: Yellow

Down the Rabbit Hole

Description: Come join us down the Rabbit Hole. A great space for to commune and have some tea, in other words enjoy our communi-tea! On Saturday we will be hosting a tea party at 4pm. Come enjoy the vibes and music.

Kid Friendly level: Red

Dutch Gang Camp

Dutch Camp is for the dogs! We will be creating a dog-friendly lounge that will offer complimentary dog treats, a water bowl station, and giveaways.

Kid friendly level:  Green

Glow Up, Get Down

PROHIBIT GLITTER AT BEARDFEST! BAN GLITTER! GLITTER IZ EVIL!! Do you love glitter? Do you love the shine, but hate plastic in your body and eyes? Do you sparkle up whenever the time is right? How about when the time is wrong? WELL - The Art Jam Collective has you glitter, like on your face. We're offering FREE glow ups with BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER!! Our hours are 4-7pm Friday and Saturday and we are first come first serve, arrive early because we'll have a set amount of glow up per day!

Kid friendly level: Yellow

Hammock Heaven


Community hammocks all around this camp to relax in, plus aerial sling performances through the weekend.

Kid friendly level: Yellow

Sober Camping


A space for those who love music, dancing, and connection, who also need the support of a sober community! This is a place where you can camp and meet new people as well as a place to visit if you decide to camp elsewhere! This space is open to all persons regardless of their reason to remain substance free. Community events will be planned throughout the weekend. A flexible itinerary will be posted at the site to find and join others at various events and stages. Join in on making this newly established themed campsite flourish under collective creativity from its members!

Kid Friendly level: Yellow

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