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Parking Info

Here are all the things you need to know about parking at Beardfest.


The general rule is, all people must have ‘people tickets’,

and all vehicles must have ‘vehicle tickets’.

An important note is that all ‘people tickets’ to Beardfest include camping by default

- even if the parking option you want is sold out.

Your ‘people ticket’ still allows you to camp in the campgrounds no matter what. 


As far as ‘vehicle tickets’ go, there are many different options.

Whether car camping or parking in our GA lot,

all cars coming to beardfest must purchase the appropriate parking pass.


If you purchase a Car Camping pass, you are able to bring your car into the main camping area and camp with your car. Our parking team will guide you to one of our designated car camping spots. 

A GA Parking Pass is not the same as a Car Camping Pass.


If you already purchased your festival tickets but did not purchase parking in the process

you can get your parking pass on a separate ticketing page (TBD).


We recommend carpooling to save money and space!



What does each pass allow?



This ticket allows you to drive into the main camping area and camp with your car. Our parking team will guide you to a designated car camping spot. If you wish to camp with a friend who has their own car camping pass, please arrive onsite at the same time to ensure this. Also, please note that while your car will be parked in a designated car camping spot, you will still be allowed to camp wherever you want in the campgrounds if you choose. So, if a friend is parked a few spots away, you can still pitch your tents together and both be near your cars. 



This allows you to park close to the main campground in our GA Lot. You park and bring your gear into the main campgrounds. We offer a shuttle for those who don't wish to carry their belongings into the campground. The shuttle has three stops it makes and you can choose where to be dropped off in the grounds. It is a great idea to bring a cart with you to help transport belongings back and forth and many people do this. 



Rustic Car Camping offers the advantage of camping in a spacious, more natural area further away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Beardfest. Loud amplified music is not allowed here, so for those who like peace and quiet, this is a good option to consider. Reports from last year's happy Rustic Car Campers say that the music from the stages comes across the lake at a perfect volume to enjoy peacefully from the comfort of your site.

Please note that rustic car camping sites are a further walk from the stages compared to all other camping options, and that there is no electricity or water hookups in this area. That's why it is called "Rustic". If you like the outdoors, are well prepared to be far from these amenities, and prefer to have a quieter, darker place to camp, this is for you. 

*Notes on Rustic Car Camping: Please make sure to bring plenty of water. Refill stations will be available, but not close by. We will provide porto - potties as close as we can to these sites, but we can't guarantee that they will be super close as the porto potty company trucks are too wide to access the back of the campsite. It is a great idea to bring a bicycle (and lock) to go back and forth to the main campgrounds. Keep in mind that you can always hop in your car or on your bike for a short ride to the portos.



If you have an RV CLICK HERE for information on RV parking.



**Please Note: Car Camping pass does not guarantee vehicle entry into camp ground after dusk due to safety concerns. If you hold a car camping pass, you must arrive during the day time to set up. If you arrive after dark, you will be directed to GA parking until the following morning. This is to ensure the safety of the Beardfam – we don’t want anyone getting run over!

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