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RV/Trailer Camping Info


Beardfest takes place in a beautiful campground called Paradise Lakes, which has a limited number of RV sites that include electric and water hookups within the main camping area, available for purchase while they last. 



The Beardfest team has also created a designated area in “Lot A” (see map below) that is used for what we call Overflow RV Parking. RV’s parked here enjoy a prime location near the mainstage. We do not provide power or water hookups at these sights. However, you can fill up your water tank onsite at a designated tap on the road between the box office and Lot A on your way in.  You are also permitted to bring a generator from our approved quiet generator list (link below). If your generator is too loud or not on our list, you will be not be allowed to use it. We will enforce this policy!


Approved quiet generators


These tickets are available during your ticket checkout process. First place the festival tickets of your choice in your cart, then hit the checkout button, then you will be directed to the parking ticket options on the next screen. 


If you already purchased your festival tickets but did not purchase parking in the process you can get your parking pass at a separate page (TBD).



*Full Hookup RV Passes now include EARLY ENTRY TO BEARDFEST! In order to get your RV's parked in as easy and convenient a manner as possible, we are now offering early access to the festival. RV ticket holders will be able to enter with VIP’s from 8-9am on Thursday morning, ahead of the normal 10am opening time. 


*Please note, we have limited the amount of RV passes available to ensure that everyone who buys one gets access to an RV site with hookups. However which site you get is on a first come first served basis. 


*Please note, the electricity on site is old. It does work, but it is not flawless. Be careful not overload the system. We have a festival electrician on call to fix any outages as they occur, but be aware that outages are to be expected from time to time at Paradise Lakes.

RV Parking map.jpeg
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