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Beardfest is a celebration of creative expression in all forms, and this strongly includes visual arts. Beardfest offers a feast for the eyes: our ROMPUS art team creates large scale live paintings each night on the beach stage. ROMPUS stage creations from past years decorate the campgrounds. Our art grant recipients beautify the campgrounds with their works created especially for Beardfest. Painters flank the forest stage and create original works that draw inspiration from their surroundings. 

But it goes way further than that. At Beardfest there are many opportunities for attendees to get involved in art creation. From arts and crafts based workshops, to giant blank canvases where "everybody paints", and more - Beardfest is a place where your inner artist is welcome to come out and play!

the Rompus Art Team

ROMPUS is the raucous painting troupe behind Beardfest’s vibrant live art since 2013! We play with light, shadow and paint to create murals full of big wonder. Our paintings pay tribute to the wild world around us, within us, and throughout time and space. You’ll find our murals from past years decorating paths, classrooms, and stages. Can you spot the intergalactic insects or the parasaurolophus? We love bringing loud, messy color to Paradise and can’t wait to do it again this year!

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