frequently asked questions

• How can I stay updated about festival updates and details?

By connecting with us on FACEBOOK or signing up for our EMAIL LIST


• How can I connect with the Beardfest community online?


• How did Beardfest start?

Read all about the HISTORY OF BEARDFEST

• What is the earliest I can arrive at Beardfest?

Gates open at 10:00am THURSDAY morning.

Do not come on Wednesday.

• Can I come on Wednesday?

No. Gates will be CLOSED until 10:00am THURSDAY.

• Is a one day pass good for camping?

Yes. One day passes are good until 10:00am the NEXT day.

• When do I have to leave?

All attendees must be out by 1:00pm on SUNDAY

• How do I get to Paradise Lakes Campground?

By clicking HERE

• What should I bring with me?

We have a camping check list for you. 

Click here for some recommended items

• Can I bring my dog?

Yes, but dogs must be on leashes.

• Can I bring my young child?

Yes! Beardfest is a family friendly environment, and even has a children’s area and some child specific workshops. Children 12 and under are free.

• Can I be a vendor?

The vending application HERE

• Can I volunteer?

We would love for you to be a part of our team.

Volunteer Info HERE

• Where is the music schedule?

Click HERE for the Beardfest 2022 music schedule!

• Where is the workshop schedule?

Click HERE for the Beardfest 2022 Workshop schedule!

• Can I camp next to my car?

ALL Beardfest tickets (even single day tickets) include camping, however, CAR CAMPING Passes are sold separately. (they are sold out for 2022)


Without a car camping pass, you will have to park in one of our lots within the Paradise Lakes property. These lots are outside of, but not far from, the main camping area.


If you have a lot of gear or don’t wish to walk from the lot to the camping area, we will be providing complimentary shuttle services for attendees.


The shuttle will pick you up at a designated spot in the lot and will have 3 drop off points within the campground that you can pick from.


If you missed the car camping tickets (they are currently sold out) and you have a sleeping set up in your standard sized vehicle (Truck/hatchback/NON CAMPER), and that is how you plan to camp, we have a special lot near the main camping area set aside for you. Just purchase an "Overflow Vehicle Sleeping (Car or Truck)" Ticket.


This can be purchased during the checkout process when you buy your festival ticket, or purchased on its own after the fact from our ticketing site. 

IF YOU HAVE A DISABILITY,  If your disability is of the nature that you can’t attend Beardfest comfortably without camping next to your car, please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE or through facebook messenger and we will be happy to accommodate you.

• I sleep in my truck, that’s how I always camp, But I missed the cutoff for car camping tickets.

We have a special parking/camping area that is near the main campgrounds put aside for people who sleep in their vehicles but missed the cutoff for car camping. Just purchase an "Overflow Vehicle Sleeping (Car or Truck)" Ticket. This can be purchased during the checkout process when you buy your festival ticket, or purchased on its own after the fact from our ticketing site. Tickets are not yet on sale.

• Can I bring my RV to Beardfest?

Our RV passes are sold out for this year.

Be sure to grab yours as soon as tickets go on sale next year! 

We have a limited number of RV sites available.

You must buy a special RV parking pass as an add on to your ticket/tickets for each individual attendee. The main ticketing page is HERE, and the direct link for the RV add-on is HERE.

• I have a disability, I need to camp next to my car, but car camping is sold out, what are my options?

If you have a disability and need to sleep next to your car, we will be happy to accommodate you despite the fact that car camping is sold out. Please contact us via the Beardfest pages facebook messenger or send a message through this website and we will get you set up.

• Will there be vegetarian and vegan food available for purchase?


• Is it better to buy my ticket in advance or at the gate?

Save money by buying your ticket in advance HERE.

• How much do tickets cost and where can I get them?

All ticket info HERE

• Will there be food available for purchase?

There will be many food vendors onsite offering a wide variety of cuisines. Meat, Vegetarian, and Vegan options will be available.

• Can my band play?

Send an email to with links to your music and social media.

High quality live videos are best.

• Do you accept credit/debit cards at the gate?

There will be ATM’s at the box office and next to the merch table.

• Is there a charge for parking?

Yes. Parking in the lot is $10. Carpooling is recommended. All tickets include GA camping.

• Is re-entry allowed? 

Yes, but your wristband must be intact and on your wrist. Parking tag must be visible.

• What if I rip or lose my wristband?

Lost Wristbands will not be replaced. If you feel it’s too loose or looks like it will rip let us know before it comes off your wrist.

• I don’t have money. My friend is inside, can I go get them?

Really sorry, but no. There is an ATM at the gate.

• I arrived late and missed the whole day, can’t I pay less?

No, sorry. This is when our headliners are on.

• My friend bought a ticket for me but didn’t change name in will call.  What do I do if I show up before my friend who bought me a ticket?

-give the name of the person who bought your ticket

-show your ID, we will write your name in and cross out one of the tickets

-please note, if your friend bought less tickets than they promised to people, we will only honor the amount of tickets that were bought.

-If you show up and all the tickets under that name are crossed off, you will have to buy a ticket.