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frequently asked questions

• How can I stay updated about festival updates and details?

By connecting with us on FACEBOOK or signing up for our EMAIL LIST


• How can I connect with the Beardfest community online?


• How can I get involved with Beardfest?

Please check out our "get involved" overview HERE

• How did Beardfest start?

Read all about the HISTORY OF BEARDFEST

• What is the earliest I can arrive at Beardfest?

Gates open at 10:00am THURSDAY morning for the general public. They open at 8am for VIP ticket holders. 

Do not come on Wednesday.

• Does the box office close?

Yes. The box office is closed every night between 12:30am and 9am. During that time, the gate is staffed by security. For ticket holders who have already been checked in, you will be permitted to reenter. However, if you have a ticket, but have not yet checked in at the box office, or if you have not yet purchased your ticket, you will be unable to enter while the box office is closed. Security is not equipped to check you in, even if you already have your ticket.

• Can I come on Wednesday?

No. Gates will be CLOSED until 10:00am THURSDAY.

• Is a one day pass good for camping?

Yes. One day passes are good until 10:00am the NEXT day.

• Are Campfires allowed?

Campfires are allowed as long as weather conditions allow. Fires MUST BE IN A RAISED FIRE PIT (none are available at the campground, you have to bring your own). No ground fires. Our staff and volunteers will have to spend hours cleaning up half burnt wood after the festival if you have ground fires. Please do not do this. Beardfest reserves the right to mandate that no fires whatsoever are allowed if deemed neccesary. 

• I want to buy 2 or more tickets—one will be for me, and the other(s) will be for friends. I just don’t know which friends I’m bringing yet! What should I put for “attendee name” during the checkout process if I don’t yet have the other names? 

Type YOUR NAME for all tickets in order to finish the purchase process now. When you know who you are bringing, you have 3 options: 


Option 1 (recommended) — Create an account on Ticketleap using the SAME email address that you used to buy the tickets. Once you’ve created your account, you can locate your tickets and update your attendee names. More info on that can be found HERE.


Option 2 - Email a PDF of the ticket to whomever will be using it for admission. Note: Once a ticket is scanned at the box office, it cannot be scanned again. There is potential for confusion if you’re emailing out several tickets with the same name attached. This is why we recommend option 1 (above). 


Option 3 - Arrive at Beardfest in the same car with all the friends for whom you bought tickets. This way, you can all scan in together! 

• My friend bought a ticket for me but didn’t change name in Ticketleap.  What do I do if I show up before my friend who bought me a ticket?

Your friend should either transfer the ticket into your name on TicketLeap, or email you the tickets.  Refer your friend to the question above for more information on how to do this.

• How do I transfer 1 or more of my tickets to someone else?

Create an account on Ticketleap using the SAME email address that you used to buy your tickets. Once you’ve created your account, you can locate your tickets and update attendee names. More info on that can be found HERE.

• When do I have to leave?

All attendees must be out by 1:00pm on SUNDAY

• How do I get to Paradise Lakes Campground?


• Is there electricity onsite?

There is LIMITED access to electricity onsite. Camp lights and phone charging only. NO HOT PLATES, HAIRDRYERS, BLENDERS, or REFRIGERATORS. If you trip the circuit, it will not be able to be fixed for the rest of the event.

• What should I bring with me?

We have a camping check list for you. 

Click here for some recommended items.

• Can I bring my dog?

Yes, but dogs must be on leashes, and must be registered at the box office. All pet info and waiver can be found here.

• Can I bring my young child?

Yes! Beardfest is a family friendly environment, and even has a children’s area, some child specific workshops, and a family camping area. Children 12 and under are free. For their safety in case they get separated from you, children 12 and under must be registered at the box office upon check in. The children's area and family camping are viewable HERE on our map.

• Can I be a vendor?

Vending applications for 2025 TBA.

• Can I volunteer?

Yes, we would love for you to be a part of our team! Click HERE to learn more about volunteering at Beardfest. 2025 volunteer applications TBA.

• Where is the music schedule?

Beardfest 2025 music schedule TBA. View past lineups HERE.

• Where is the workshop schedule?

Beardfest 2025 workshop schedule TBA. View last year's workshop offerings HERE.

• Can I camp next to my car?

You can camp next to your car IF you have a Car Camping pass OR a Rustic Car Camping pass. 


If you missed the car camping tickets and you have a sleeping set up in your standard sized vehicle (Truck/hatchback/NON CAMPER), and that is how you plan to camp, we have a special lot near the main camping area set aside for you. Just purchase an "Overflow Vehicle Sleeping (Car or Truck)" Ticket. 


This can be purchased during the checkout process when you buy your festival ticket, or purchased on its own after the fact from our ticketing site. 


IF YOU HAVE A DISABILITY,  If your disability is of the nature that you can’t attend Beardfest comfortably without camping next to your car, please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE or through facebook messenger and we will be happy to accommodate you.

• What do I do if I have GA Parking and a lot of gear to carry into the campground?

Beardfest offers a complimentary shuttle service that runs during box office hours back and forth from the GA parking lot to 3 designated drop off points within the campground. 

You will still need to carry your gear from these drop off points to your campsite. So we recommend carts and big bags.

• I sleep in my truck, that’s how I always camp, but I missed the cutoff for car camping tickets.

We have a special parking/camping area that is near the main campgrounds put aside for people who sleep in their vehicles but missed the cutoff for car camping. Just purchase an "Overflow Vehicle Sleeping (Car or Truck)" Ticket. This can be purchased during the checkout process when you buy your festival ticket, or purchased on its own after the fact. These tickets will go on sale when car camping sells out.

• What is Rustic Car Camping?

Now in its third year! Camp by your car around the backside of the lake with a rustic car camping pass. For more info click HERE.

• Can I bring my RV to Beardfest?

Yes. Click HERE For more information on RV parking.  2025 RV Passes TBA.

• I have a disability, I need to camp next to my car, but car camping is sold out. What are my options?

If you have a disability and need to sleep next to your car, we will be happy to accommodate you despite the fact that car camping is sold out. Please contact us via the Beardfest pages facebook messenger or send a message through this website and we will get you set up.

• Will there be vegetarian and vegan food available for purchase?


• Is it better to buy my ticket in advance or at the gate?

Save money by buying your ticket in advance.

• How much do tickets cost and where can I get them?

2025 tickets and pricing TBA.

• Will there be food available for purchase?

We have a large selection of food vendors of every type, from healthy to greasy, from meaty to vegan. You are also welcome to bring and prepare your own food. There are plenty of water spigots with high quality potable water, and this year we have even labeled specific water filling stations on our map. These will also be clearly labeled onsite. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle, plates, and cutlery to reduce plastic waste!

• Can my band play?

Booking for 2025 TBA.

• Do you accept credit/debit cards at the gate?


• Is there a charge for parking?

Yes. Parking in the lot is $15. Carpooling is recommended. All tickets include GA camping.

• Is re-entry allowed? 

Yes, but your wristband must be intact and on your wrist. Parking tag must be visible.

• What if I rip or lose my wristband?

Lost wristbands will not be replaced. If you feel it’s too loose or looks like it will rip let us know before it comes off your wrist.

• I don’t have money. My friend is inside. Can I go get them?

Really sorry, but no. 

• I arrived late and missed the whole day. Can’t I pay less?

No, sorry. This is when our headliners are on.

• Is there an ATM on-site?

Yes, there is. It's a good idea to also bring cash, just in case the ATMs are out of order for any reason.

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