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Camping info

Here is a list of some essential supplies:

• Sturdy tent with rainfly
• Sleeping bags/pillows
• Headlamp or flashlight! – the forest will be dark at night, this is super necessary!!
• Bugspray – Protect yourself!
• Reusable water bottle
• Camping chair for use around a campfire or in the yard during performances
• A warm person to sleep next to 😉
• Sunscreen and/or sun hat
• Decorations to make your area unique and fun!
• Utensils
• Bag/bucket for campsite waste (Beardfest is a Leave No Trace event, please clean up after yourself)
• A solar shower and all natural/non-chemical soap


Beardfest is an ALL OUTDOOR event

There will be porto-potties, campground style bathrooms, free water (bring your own reusable bottle!) and food for sale, but no access to the indoors at all. Please be prepared 🙂

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