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see you next year beardfam!

a three-day celebration of creative expression

The Beardfam puts a lot of intention towards curating ample opportunities for attendees to learn, network, and participate so that we all go home feeling empowered, connected, and alive! The schedule is packed with self-sufficiency workshops, discussion groups, movement classes, music lessons, spirituality circles, and more!

education and skillsharing

inspiring performances

From your favorite national headliners, to the best acts in the local scene, we put our heart and soul into curating an eclectic lineup that will make your ears smile. 

swim in the lake and camp under the stars!

Paradise Lakes campground is a gorgeous 100+ acre property. Take a hike through the pine barrens, relax in the forest, or cool off in the lake.

get colorful with the rompus art team

ROMPUS creates large-scale improvisational paintings inspired by surrounding people and sounds, playing with light, shadow, resists, dance, and color to create vibrant, theatrical art.


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