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art/community grants at beardfest 2023!


2023 Art Grant recipients

The PaintGround at Beardfest

Artist: Brandie Timmers

The PaintGround is a free bodied immersive art experience where you tap into your inner child, step away from your ego and get messy! Create a masterpiece with us while exploring the sensation of paint on your skin. Take a piece of the art we create together home with you.

Find out more about The PaintGround

Paint ground NBG.png

Dog Parade Participation Bandanas

Artist: Maribeth Capelli

Beardfest is for the dogs! These will be given out to participants in the dog parade, happening Saturday at 2pm at the Forest Stage.

Big Weird Flower Thing

Artist: Eli Bronstein

Look deeply into the heart of a big flower, and see a world within bloom into color and space. If you'd like, bring a friend to help you manipulate this little pocket universe, and make sure to come by at night for a whole new - and surprisingly weird - experience.

The Psychedelic Living Room

Artist: Matt Lorito

The Head Stache Hangout is an art gallery and immersive hangout space for all the patrons of Beardfest. It features art from local artists and crafters in South Jersey and Philadelphia. 

Beard Queen

Artist: E King


Ever wanted to be queen for a day? Relish in the opportunity to be our very own Beard Queen! She's radiant, she's beautiful, and all of her people love her (surprise, we're talking about you)! Stop by at night for the opportunity to be LIT up with the full coronation experience. After all, it's your special day!

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