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community-run events at beardfest 2023!


What do you want to make happen at Beardfest this year? Back in its second year for Beardfest 2023, participants of the festival are encouraged to dream up, prepare, and execute their own events, outside the realm of Beardfest sponsored workshops. Accepted community run events will be listed on the Beardfest website and included in a pamphlet given out at gate. Event applications close 11:59pm ET on 5/19/23.

Some examples of events to get your creative juices flowing include: Alice-in-Wonderland themed croquet, a "get ready for the night" face painting/makeup party, a clothing swap, tarot and tea readings, a community art project, sunrise meditation, etc. What do you want to share with your community that excites you?

Please note: We are not accepting event applications pertaining to the gifting of prepared meals (pre-packaged snacks are okay) or alcoholic beverages. Anyone running an event must also be a Beardfest 2023 ticket holder.

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