CityBeard Workshops

Drum Fitness and Rhythm Classes

with Max Young of RhythmetriX

Utilize huge, hand-made drums to combine music, movement, and mindfulness into an engaging experience for the mind, body, and soul. This will be 3 separate workshops!

RhythmetriX will be teaching three separate workshops at Beardfest. All centered around our beautifully handmade drums, we provide cardio workouts unlike anywhere else, group meditation exercises using the power of repetitive rhythms and powerful reverberation, and rhythmic pieces that stem from traditional poly-rhythmic Japanese rhythms.

Using an arsenal of large, hand-crafted drums, RhythmetriX utilizes modern science to combine music, movement, and mindfulness into an engaging experience that stimulates the mind, body, and soul. We use group drumming to facilitate meditation, exercise, and rhythmic classes to create an experience you simply cannot find anywhere else. Come groove with us!



Everyday Sustainability: Considering the Cost of The Environment

with John-Paul Anderson    

This talk will be about the 'cost of the environment' and how businesses can choose to include the environmental cost in their market sale. It is up to us to be aware of this and choose products who honor this. We will have an open discussion about ways we can live sustainably with our every day decisions. 

From there, we will discuss action items that we can do on a day to day basis with examples of those, such as reusable cups, grocery bags, fruit/veg bags, containers.

Then we will finish with 'voting with your dollar/diet' and the benefit of 'the locavore diet' - eating things that grow within 100 miles of our home

John-Paul, once Chef, now Environmental Engineer is the president/cofounder of ReYouth - as well as New Jersey State Representative for Engineers without Borders. ReYouth is  an environmental volunteer nonprofit who hosts community cleanups, native plantings, stream monitoring and sustainability talks and Engineers without Borders| is an organization who provides civil engineering projects for both international and domestic communities such as solar panels, drinking water wells,  rain catchment systems and community gardens. Through these organizations, JP aims to bring people together to make the world a sustainable place for all people to thrive. When he is not working on projects, he loves to hike, play music and surf.

Intro to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

with Julissa Hernandez   

In this workshop, we will explore basic Tribal Fusion belly dance moves that you can use in your current performance or for your own exploration of movement.     

Tribal Fusion belly dance is a mix of American Tribal style with American Cabaret that also incorporates popping, hip-hop, flamenco, and other folkloric styles of dance. We will learn essential Tribal Fusion belly dance core movements such as hip drops, chest circles, and undulations that we will put together into a short combination. Students will be able to use these movements throughout the entire weekend while dancing to their favorite BeardFest artists.     

Jewelissa is a Philadelphia-based Tribal Fusion belly dancer and burlesque dancer. She performs with the Tribal Fusion troupe Las Serpientas, headed by Yareli Urbina, where they have performed at Rakkasah East, Art of the Belly Festival, and Dead Flowers Circus. She graduated from the Philadelphia Burlesque Academy in 2017 and performs burlesque that is strongly influenced with Tribal Fusion belly dance movement.    


Chakra Circus

with Amy Pinder, Max Papperman, and Leah Barron  

Chakra Circus combines yoga philosophy and circus arts to cultivate present-moment awareness and strengthen the mind-body connection through multigenerational play!

Chakra Circus combines yoga philosophy and circus arts. Circus arts, like hula hooping, juggling, plate spinning, and basic acrobatics, provide a unique outlet for play across the lifespan. They are pleasurable, fascinating, and challenging yet achievable when taught mindfully and incrementally. All Chakra Circus activities are infused with sprinklings of yogi wisdom, providing participants with tools and experiences to increase mindfulness, confidence, persistence, and awareness of the mind-body connection, all while having a tremendous amount of fun!

Amy Pinder, MA, CCC-SLP is the co-founder of Inclusion Festival, a hula-hooper, yogi, and speech-language therapist. Amy is passionate about infusing healing aspects of the festival scene into her work to build community and spread loving vibes. She incorporates joyful, play-based movement such as yoga and circus arts into her practice to encourage her clients to engage, explore, increase their capacities, and effectively communicate. Amy is also trained as a Grounded Kids Yoga Instructor and Holistic Circus Therapy Provider.

Max Papperman is a geologist, soccer player, music enthusiast, and seasoned festival-goer. He has experience working with children as a special educator and soccer coach. On and off the field, he enjoys working with others to achieve a common goal through teamwork and sportsmanship. Recently, in an effort to strengthen his personal mindfulness practice, he learned to transfer his soccer juggling skills to circus juggling and other flow arts by consciously pairing breath and movement.

Leah Barron, MAT, RYT 200 is is the co-founder of Inclusion Festival and a yoga teacher with experience working in a variety of settings including public schools, private studios, and home-based instruction. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with individuals of all ages and abilities and especially loves doing so at festivals and other live music events.

Ecstatic Dance

with LaVina D'Anjolell, Harry Friedman, David Siller, Tim Thyberg of Dance Medicine Philly    

Ecstatic Dance is an experience in dancing freely. With a live DJ, we dance barefoot without any verbal communication. Feel free to howl and sing, but save the conversations for off the dance floor. Drugs and alcohol are also strongly discouraged from entering the dance space. Dances typically last for 1-2 hours, with an opening circle in which the guidelines of consent are laid out, and then a closing circle, in which participants can share about their experience. 

Dance Medicine Philly organizes ecstatic dances throughout Philadelphia. From the Ethical Society in Rittenhouse Square to Chamounix Mansion in West Fairmount Park, DMP has been working to expand the free-form dance community to all corners of the city. DMP aims to create a ceremonial dance experience by promoting values of consent, freedom of expression, and authentic connection.


An Open Discussion on Antiracism

with Robyn Mello and baby Zia

What is antiracism? What, even, is racism? What does it have to do with you, me, and everyone? How is it hurting the whole world? What are some terms and concepts to talk about such a complicated and controversial topic? Join for a facilitated discussion to begin unpacking and meet other people interested in diving in and breaking down walls of discomfort for an enhanced ability to talk about some of the tough stuff.
Robyn Mello is owner of Edenspore, LLC, a multifaceted business and life project incorporating original music, ecological design, herbalism, wellness, and permaculture education. She is perpetually seeking new knowledge, language, and modalities for understanding the world and all its creatures. She hopes to someday grow up to be an American Persimmon tree in a protected forest.

Feeling Fine with Failure through Improv Comedy and Clowning

with Kelso Blazasaurus & Eibhleann Clyne of the Philly Improv Theatre

Become emotionally aware and learn to accept your failures through improv-comedy and clowning techniques.    

Vulnerability. Allowing us to break down our walls, take off our masks, and explore our emotional depth to open ourselves to the  world around us. Failure. A necessary part of growth and learning. Acceptance of our failures makes us vulnerable but is pertinent to growth. We will use improv- comedy theatrical exercises and clowning techniques to delve into our personal feelings/needs, accept our failures, and delight in that expression. Come laugh and play pretend with us, as we feel the feels within ourselves and the forest.    

Eibhleann Clyne and Kelso Blazasaurus have been comedy partners (2423- improv/sketch duo) for ~4 years. They founded, coached, and directed the improv-troupe at Rowan University, The Improfs. They share combined knowledge from Liberty Improv Theatre (LIT), Philly Improv Theatre (PHIT), Pig Iron, Good Good Comedy, the Magnet, Second City, and Upright Citizens Brigade. They’re currently best-friend southern Philadelphian roommates who perform on High Fashion every Wednesday at 9 at Philly Improv Theater. They also write for their indie sketch team Raisin Brain.

Kelso currently performs on The N Crowd, Rooster Boiz, and Wavelength. She is a proud coach/father figure to the improv troupe Daddy Issues and a co-producer/director for the Lit Lab house team at Liberty Imporv Theater, Philly's newest upcoming improv scene.  

Eibhleann has a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts from Rowan University. She is self producing, directing, and writing her one woman clown show about Imposter Syndrome called In Pasta. Eibhleann is a professional actor and clown. Kelso is an unprofessional clown. Together they’re helpless messes but they’re kind and fun. Come laugh with us and explore our own vulnerabilities and failures!


Flow Arts, Poi and Freedom

with Dan Schlagle of Tamed Flame Productions

A workshop that offers the student a method of learning flow arts in a more freeing manner. A workshop for developing freedom and transition with any and all flow arts props.

The class will offer students exercises and techniques to unlock hidden corners of your prop and develop within you healthier spinning habits. A great class for beginner to advanced level Poi, Hoop, and Staff spinners. Poi will be provided for beginners.

The class will be taught by "Monkey", the co-creator of Tamed Flame Productions. Catch Monkey along with the whole crew all weekend on the Tamed Flame side stage.



Youth Yoga and Arm Balances

with Robbie Ellen Bacon of Peace Love Yoga

Fun, not too serious yoga experience for Youth and their parents (if they want to join in on the fun or drop off to try a workshop of their choice) !

During our Youth Yoga experience, we will start with foundation and build up to fun arm balances and inversions. This will happen in a safe and interactive way.     

Robbie Bacon is a dedicated healer who loves sharing yoga and encouraging mindfulness, fitness and self confidence through the power of positivity and yoga.


Yoga for Kids

with Ally Reyes

This workshop will introduce yoga to children in a fun and creative way.     

The workshop will begin with an intro to what yoga is that will explain it in a fun way that children can understand. It will then move into an energy game where children will have the opportunity to release pent up energy. Next is moves into an asana flow with a specific theme (garden, safari adventure, farm animals, night sky, etc.) After that their will be some form of art, literature or music activity relating to our theme. The work shop will close with a magical meditation, savasana and opportunity for the children to share with the group what they learned and enjoyed about the workshop.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

with Rebecca Zimmerman of Wagner Free Institute of Science    

See what you can find when you take a closer look!    

Nature exists in endless details.  Take some time to take a closer look or possibly try a new perspective with a nature scavenger hunt!  How many different colors do you see? Can you find a cloud that has a funny shape? Who lives under that log?  Scavenger hunts are a wonderful way to get out and slow down to see the deep beauty and magic in the natural world around us. This workshop is ideal for children and family but ALL would enjoy!

Rebecca is an environmental educator based at the Wagner Free Institute of Science in Philadelphia, PA. She is passionate about conscious living and sustainable education.    

Rocky Resonance: Exploring the Sounds of Geology

with Nicole Malstrom

Listen and learn about geology while we make shakers using a variety of different geologic materials!    

Participants in my workshop will get to interact with different types of sand and rocks of varying shapes and sizes to explore how the different properties of the rocks and sands affect how they sound in a shaker. Mixing in a little music education, we will dive into things like pitch and timbre and how they change depending on what material you are using. By the end of the workshop, participants will make their own custom shaker to take home with them.

Nicole is a geoscientist from Philadelphia, and as a big lover of music, she likes to find the ways in which her two passions intersect. One thing she enjoys more than learning is teaching others what she knows, helping them to realize their love and appreciation for our world and all its parts. Her teaching philosophy is centered around the importance of inquiry-based, hands-on discovery learning that encourages creative thinking. Nicole has taught science at summer camps and after school programs for 3 years, leads activities with the Philly Science Festival and The Franklin Institute’s Science After Hours, and she aspires to obtain a PhD in geology so that she may continue to discover and teach others who share her passion.

Faery House Building

with Lauren Reiger

Create dwellings for the faeries!    

This workshop will be primarily for kids but if an adult wants to join, that is okay, too! It will start out with taking a walk through the woods to collect items for the faery houses and I will have a faery house to present for others to see! After we are done collecting, we will build faery houses in our classroom space, find places to leave them throughout the festival grounds, or the woods. If they want to keep them where we assembled them or take them home, that is okay too!    

Lauren, aka Laurel Fae, is an artist who loves all things whimsical and anything that involves getting in touch with your inner child and going back to our roots with our Mother Earth.     


Parent/child Music, Movement & Mindfulness

with Christina Klaproth and Lavina D'anjolell of Children's Music Express   

Our mission: To inspire and nurture the bright light in your child and children all around the world through music, movement, and mindfulness-based activities.    

Children’s Music Express is a parent and child program offering interactive music, movement, and mindfulness classes for children, birth-5 years! Kids and families will engage in fun, traditional, culturally diverse and original sing-a-longs, creative movement and dancing activities, exploring with sound, pitch and rhythm, finger plays, instrument play, and so much more! We offer a balanced approach to structure and free flow play, so parents and their little ones can soak up all of the benefits and learning with ease and joy!




Pinelands Ecosystem Ecology

with Jessica Keen of Stockton University  

Discussion on the variety of organisms found in the Pinelands and the physical environment, energy flow, and biodiversity found in this unique environment.    

We have such a diverse ecosystem right in our own backyard that is found nowhere else in the world. Why are the vast forests of the Pine Barrens so special? From plants to insects to animals, we can view the beauty of our forests right here at Paradise Lakes Campground!  This workshop will take a look at the unique environment of the New Jersey Pinelands. Paradise Lakes Campground provides an inside look at this special ecosystem we have in South Jersey that is not found anywhere else in the world. This workshop will first discuss the history of how this area adopted such unique features.  Then, there will be a guided tour that will focus on biodiversity, energy flow, and conservation of this beautiful area we call home.

Jessica is an animal lover and advocate for the protection of the Pinelands and the environment. She works for the Ocean County Mosquito Commission and has her Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from Stockton University, where she also teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Biology.  Her focus is environmental community outreach and public education. She can't wait to share her knowledge and love of the Pine Barrens and passion of science education with all of you!


Upcycling T-Shirts into Reusable Grocery Bags

with Ken Casal of ReYouth

Join ReYouth to “upcycle” your old favorite shirt into a reusable and sustainable grocery bag! If you have a favorite shirt that you don't wear anymore, bring it! If you forget, we will have shirts for you!    

ReYouth aims to use service projects as a medium to encourage environmentally conscious community building while providing educational opportunities and a network for cooperation with local municipalities. Working towards the common goal of preserving and protecting the Earth for future generations, these are the minds, hearts, and souls that are driven by their passion and love of Nature.  We each represent individually to spread the word in our local areas, but we always support each other to reach our goals.




Primitive life skills

with Paul Downs and Tim Wills of DownStream Outdoors and Warpath Archery

A collaborative workshop to introduce attendees to primitive fishing, hunting, and basic living techniques. Examples of tools and how they’re used will be provided, along with an extensive question and answer period to explore more skills in-depth, such as foraging, shelter-building, useful plant allies, and the like.

Paul Downs of DownStream Outdoors takes his life time of learning and putting into practice primitive life skills and shares that knowledge with you. His knowledge includes primitive fishing skills, foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants.


Ecological Water Treatment and Dry Sanitation

with Kirk Jones of KDSJ Environmental Consulting

Water is Life. Learn ways for caring for water in tune with the environment.    


As all living beings require water and are affected by water contaminants, it is important that we learn some simple tools to respect water, drink clean water, treat the water we've used, keep contaminants away from water and water sources, and increase water use efficiency.  In this workshop we will also examine ecological technologies like slow sand filtration, living machines, constructed wetlands, graywater treatment, rainwater catchment, and composting toilets. You can also bring a project or idea and we can think it through!

KDSJ Environmental Consulting specializes in business and farm sustainability from carbon accounting to food safety to ecological sanitation in the US and around the globe.



Inner Journey - Conscious Breathwork

with Rob Rose

Conscious Breathwork is a powerful tool to reach expanded states of being, release repressed emotion, and unravel physical tension.     

Breathwork is a powerful tool that we all possess to heal our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. The specific form of breathwork I facilitate originates from a process called rebirthing or "circular" breathing. Many of us have lived our lives holding the breath back and therefore not breathing fully. By making the commitment to breathe deeply and consciously for an hour, you begin to flood your body with oxygen and life force energy. You are likely to reach very expanded states of consciousness.    

Hello Earth Family, my name is Rob Rose! I have received numerous trainings and certifications including Conscious Breathwork, Access BARS, Innerdance and SOMA. I integrate components of each of these into my workshops and private sessions. My vision for you is to be free from blockages so that you may enjoy greater physical health and open your doors wider to greater consciousness and vitality.



Fermentation Creation

with Michael Green of Green Collaborations

Come brew some kombucha, make some sauerkraut, and learn about the benefits of probiotics!

Participants will be greeted and start the session by tasting a variety of fermented goods that I will have prepared (sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, sourdough bread, ginger beer, vinegar, and possibly more) as well as some from local producers of fermented treats. After settling in we will have an interactive discussion about the unifying history of fermentation, the basics of the process itself, and the benefits of including fermented food and drink into our diets (One lucky participant will be gifted a uBiome gut microbiome test kit). I will then lead a demonstration on kombucha brewing to include the different steps of the process while also having multiple flavors of kombucha for participants to try (and hopefully enjoy). All participants will be invited (and encouraged) to take some SCOBY and starter kombucha home with them to brew themselves. We will then shift our focus towards the process of making sauerkraut in which participants will split into small groups to follow along with the demonstration choosing to spice their recipe up as they see fit. Each group will make a small batch of kraut and one lucky member from each group will get to take that home and continue enjoying that culture well after the weekend has passed.

Michael first started experimenting with fermentation when working out on an organic farm at a high school in Northern California. Those first experiences with brewing his own kombucha and making kimchi got him hooked on the process of cultivating those cultures. Since then he’s been concocting all sorts of fermented goods from kefir to kraut, with an emphasis on the experimentation and passing on the cultures to friends and family. Michael has recently started Green Collaborations LLC, a business focused on building more resilient interdependent communities by developing opportunities for people to gather and share their knowledge which will empower individuals within our communities with the skillsets we will need to thrive long in to the future.



with Elizabeth Vernon of Bird and The Bee

Learning the application of medicines from the hive.    

Going over several different medicinal products we get from the hive and how to incorporate that into our daily lives. This is a build on the previous workshops in prior years at Beardfest. Taking the last few years of learning basics of beekeeping and infusions and then taking it to the next level by incorporating making tinctures and elixirs. Each participant will make 2 take-home products given a few different recipes to choose from.

Elizabeth Vernon is known as “Queen Bee” to everyone she meets and has been an apiarist for nearly 10 years. Also a certified massage therapist with a degree in Eastern Medicine, she’s living her dream by combining her two passions: healing and beekeeping. Infusing honey has been practiced for over 3,000 years. Honey is an extremely versatile base with a large number of healing properties. Adding different herbs and blends of herbs can create a powerful combination that can prevent and fight illness and diseases in the body.    



Holistic Lymphatic Maintenance Techniques for Healthy Immune System

with Jason and Anita of Empower Yourself For Health

Learn several techniques to give your lymph system (and thus your whole body) a tune up!    

Empower yourself and learn about specific herbs, essential oils, & teas, with guided exercises for stimulating and cleansing your lymphatic system. "Luv your lymph" and learn techniques for supporting new healthy habits.  Learn how to make and give yourself lush spa treatments in the convenience of your home, at a fraction of the cost. Recipes for Herbal teas, essential oil blends, dry brush routine, detoxifying mineral soak and scrub are included so you can incorporate what you take away in your personal health routines.     

Anita is an i-act certified colon hydrotherapist and Lymphatic enhancement therapist (lymph star pro practitioner) Her studies include raw foods, macrobiotic, reflexology, iridology, reiki and quantum touch energy work.  She managed holistic retreats on the big island (Hawaii) and was blessed with multiple teachers (Kumus) who added indigenous understandings to her formal education. Her personal experience with breast cancer patients has inspired her to encourage proactive detoxifying habits and techniques to assist others in being as healthy as possible.



No Records

Improve Health & Wellness with Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Topicals

with Theresa Clark of the Empress Herbal Products


Learn to make and use Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Topicals to Improve your Health and Wellness.

The Cannabis Massage Workshop will provide a comprehensive lecture defining cannabis; it legalities in the United States; types of cannabis usage in skincare and massage therapy; and the benefits of using cannabis in skincare and massage therapy.

Theresa (Reese)Clark is the CEO and owner of Empress Herbal Products, LLC. She has been creating skincare for over 30 years. Ms. Clark was first introduced to this process by her mother as a means to save money and provide a holistic regiment for maintaining the skin health of family members. As Ms. Clark matured, she began to find the process very relaxing and an outlet for her creativity.  

Within the past 7 years she has developed an intricate network within and knowledge of the cannabis industry.   During this time, Reese has had many accomplishments in the cannabis industry. This include but are not limited to being recognized as one of the few minority women business owners that specialized in skincare and pain management in the cannabis industry by Great CBD Reviews; serving as an advisor to the current Pa Govenor’s office for the cannabis industry; being named as a CBD Botanical Expert by the Sensi Magazine and being recognized as VIP vendor at 2017 HempX and featured as a unique company because of its ability to use Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) to produce natural skincare and pain management products.

Reese is also the owner of the Ecwiti Group, LLC.  The Ecwiti Group is a provides public health consultation.  Before The Ecwiti Group, She served as a public health program administrator with the Office of Minority Health and Refugee Health Program in the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Office of Health Equity (OHE). During her tenure with the OHE, she did many things to bring awareness to and eliminate health disparities among Pennsylvanian minority populations. She also worked to secure quality health assessments for newly arriving Pennsylvanian refugees.  Prior to Reese joining the OHE, she was the senior program analyst and lead evaluator with the Division of Cancer Control and Prevention in the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Previous to this, she spent many years coordinating pharmaceutical clinical research in oncology, infectious disease, dermatology and women’s health.

Herbs for Anxiety

with Kaley Lacovetta

A holistic approach to mental health.    

In this workshop, we’ll discuss several plants that ease anxiety and explore how connection to plant allies can support us emotionally. We’ll sample some soothing teas and participants will make their own tea blends to take with them. We’ll discuss other supportive practices such as movement and breath work. There will be space for folks to share their experiences with anxiety and herbs as well.

Kaley is a plant whisperer, sporadic poet, board game savant, and rouser of rabble.  She is currently spinning her magic in the pinelands of South Jersey. She approaches plant connection with curiosity and wonder. Plants have taught Kaley to listen deeply and hear even the quietest of voices. She believes reconnection with the natural world is essential for cultural healing.

Kaley currently works in Youth Services at Collingswood Public Library and leads summer camps at The Philadelphia School. She loves karaoke, cuddles, shared meals, witty banter, and rule breaking.

Forearm Self-Massage for Artists, Musicians, and Makers

with Jeff Mullen

Tension releasing techniques for folks who use their hands.    

In this workshop we will learn how to release tension in our hands and forearms through self-massage and stretching.  We will talk about specific muscles that are chronically overworked. We will cover other supportive tools such as hydrotherapy.  Participants will leave with an understanding of proper body mechanics and how to safely support themselves.

Jeff recently moved back to the Northeast with renewed appreciation for these lands and the people they hold.  He is a trumpet player, massage therapist, and avid board gamer.


Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

with Kiel Gerhard of Kiel's Healing

A crystal singing bowl and tongue drum immersive sound bath with guided meditation.    

Come and bask in the peace-creating frequencies of crystal singing bowls and tongue drums. Kiel will be facilitating a guided meditation, complementing the vibrations of the bowls and drums. Crystal singing bowls peacefully vibrate your cells back to their original blueprint of optimum health and vitality. Kiel’s easily accessible yet effective guided meditation connects participants to Source Energy and brings them to a peaceful, joyful and receptive state.

Kiel Gerhard is a certified Reiki Master, receiver of Molecular Light Therapy, plant medicine-maker, and a service-driven spiritual practitioner who has catapulted thousands of people onto a life-changing journey of spiritual awakening and growth. He believes in bringing people back to their true nature and accelerating them on their life path. Ultimately, what Kiel does is connect people into a line of God (source, creator, universal consciousness--call it by any other name) so that each individual can perform their Highest Service and positively transform the world for more peace, oneness, and god-consciousness.  



Sound Healing Journey

with Therese Carrozzino Lucia DiSimone of South Jersey South Healers

A deep relaxation experience.    

A sound journey using multiple instruments of different tones and vibrations to bring about ultimate healing.     

South Jersey Sound Healers are a collaborative group of Women who have all trained with Jay Schwed and Megan Walker. We’ve come together to raise the vibrations of people, places, and things we encounter.


World Drumming Workshop and Drum Circle

with Ethan Feinstein and Max Young of Philadelphia Drum Company/Out of The Beardspace/PanSong/Deep Creature and Rhythmetrix

Large participatory drum circle! Beardfam Drum Jam!    

This annual drum circle at Beardfest focuses on bringing together participants of all ages and skill levels to drum, sing, and dance in a moment of celebration.  Under the canopy of the pine trees, Ethan Feinstein, Max Young, and Kirk Kubicek will lead a short introduction to world drumming with a demonstration of multiple world rhythms, followed by an all out jam session.  Everyone is invited to take part in the drum circle. Bring your drums!

Ethan Feinstein is a drum teacher, professional musician, and founder of the Philadelphia Drum Company.


Let’s Make a Song!

with Daniel Townsend   

Bring an instrument and come together with your friends to make an on-the-spot song.    

Let’s write a quick song together! No pressure, no judgement, no problem. Feel free to bring an instrument, a friend, and of course, an open attitude! We'll create simple lyrics, form them together, and lightly orchestrate our little tune with everyone who is willing to participate! No musical experience required! If you feel as though you can't write a song, just remember that birds don't ask if their song is pretty. They simply sing :-)    

Dan’s musical intent is to create a body of music that encourages people to flourish in their surroundings    


Exploring Guitar Effects

with Zach LoPresti & Jonathan Colman

Step behind the board with two of the Philadelphia music scene's most inventive sonic sculptors. An open format Q&A discussing their approach to effects pedals and incorporating them into musical improvisation.

Jonathan Colman, bassist for Muscle Tough/Trap Rabbit, has been interested in guitar effects since first picking up the bass guitar 19 years ago. A full time performer/educator, Colman thrives on community and sharing the joys of group-minded improvisation between audiences and the bands he is blessed to perform with.

Zach LoPresti has been making strange noises with a guitar long enough to now be endorsed by DigiTech, Voodoo Labs, and Spiral FX. He may best be known for recent Internet fame when his most precious guitars were stolen and miraculously returned. He’s landed at least 3 heelflips in his lifetime, jumps on stage to shred whenever anyone asks, and wishes he had more free time to watch Naruto and eat ramen.

P.L.U.R.R. for Animals and our World

with Kim Brown

A family-friendly discussion about our impact on the environment, others, and animals through our daily choices    

Children have the power to view the world and our problems through a perspective we lose sight of with age. They can analyze, use logic, and easily recognize and address injustice. We can learn from them and learn to see through our once childlike perspective again to resolve the environmental, health, and ethical problems we are facing. Many parents and non-parents alike will resonate with teaching children the values of kindness and compassion to all living creatures and different people in this world with hopes they will grow into compassionate peaceful adults. Children naturally love animals and they are encouraged to do so from birth. Animals are the stars of movies, books, games, toys, and members of our families. At the same time we serve animals as food and fail to see how our actions illustrate the opposite of our values. As adults we still love animals, we cherish this connection so much that we consider pets to be true family members. Society has conditioned us not to recognize that the same qualities we love about our pets are shared among all animals. In this workshop we will be reading a few children's books, playing some group games, and participating in open discussions to try and reconnect with our inner child to view our daily choices in a different light. The hope of this workshop is to empower children and adults to love deeply and compassionately, think critically, act responsibly, and embrace change and progress..for the people, planet, and animals.

Kim Brown has been vegan since 2015. While she initially started for environmental reasons, she now believes that veganism can positively change our worlds health of compassion towards other living beings.Her goal is to share the mentality of peace and justice for animals. She believes the power of the change is within our reach and strives to be a vegan educator and activist in order to spread love, compassion, and improve our world for future generations.    

Exploring, Questioning, and Non-Judgmental Open Dialogue Around Fundamental Christianity

with Rev Don Carpenter  

Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians are an influential group in society.  Often, these folks are characterized as ignorant hicks who lack basic intelligence and reasoning skills.  In order for us to influence each other, we must understand each other. This workshop will be a safe place to discover what the rationale is behind those who actually view the Bible as a perfect Book from God.  This is not meant to be a time of judgement or debate but rather mutual discovery that hopefully will expand our understanding and foster love and acceptance regardless of belief. We will explore what is unique about Biblical Christianity and what sets it apart from other world religions and world views.    

Don Carpenter has a B.S. in Pastoral Theology from Clark's Summit University, taught for 5 Years as a Professor at New England School of the Bible, and has spent the last 12 years hosting 1 “Bible Answers"" - a live call in radio program where believers and skeptics alike discuss what the Bible really says.

Festie Photography 101

with Steven Philips

Bring you camera and learn how to set up for bands on stage and guests. Focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and iso will be explained, as well as A-priority, S-priority, and auto iso settings and when to use which.     

Steven is a retired photojournalist who has been an official press photographer for Lockn, Peach, Vibes, Jibberjazz, Rock and Roll Resort, Catskill Chill, Wanee, Hulaween, and many others.    


Intro to Crochet: Make Handwarmers or Headband!

with Mia McCaslin of Rare and Radiant Fashion   

Teaching participants the basics of crocheting!    

In this workshop, we will cover the basics of crocheting (including starting, basic stitches, joining, and finishing). Particpants will learn to make either a set of handwarmers or a headband.

Mia McCaslin, of Rare and Radiant Fashion, is a crochet based fashion designer. She's crocheted for over a decade and is happy to impart her knowledge on anyone who wants to learn!  


Primitive Arrow Making

with Tim Wills of Warpath Archery       

Participants will learn how to make a primitive, stone tipped, functional arrow. They will be using wood, feathers, pine pitch glue, and real sinew (if available) to make a traditional primitive arrow to either use or display on their wall.    

Warpath Archery is a husband and wife team that produces all wood traditional and primitive archery and hunting equipment. With 35 years experience in the industry, we not only have hundreds of satisfied customers, but we have also provided products and consultation for various T.V. and Cinema projects throughout the years.   


Botanical Henna Design

with Elisa Giacona of Soulshine Henna

Learn about henna and the basics on botanical designs including flowers, leaves, vines and more!

Building on previous year's henna workshops, we will first cover the basic knowledge of henna then focus on the natural beauty around us at Paradise Lakes learning methods of botanical elements like flowers, leaves, vines, and plants.    

Elisa has been passionate about natural henna for 5 years, making her own organic natural henna paste, constantly learning and expanding with new styles and techniques at henna conferences and workshops taught by expert henna artists from around the world.    


Conjuring Curiosity

with Meg Waddington of Meg Waddington Illustration

How to find inspiration in ordinary spaces and create something beautiful from it.    

It is easy to become jaded to life and all of its routine, so in hopes to rediscover the curiosity that inspires us, I created a three-step spell to conjure beauty from the mundane and remind us how magical it is to be alive. The first step is to find a simple object; it can be anything at all, from a man-made bottle cap to an earthly grass blade. The second step is a 5-10 minute brainstorm, this is a meditative step of appreciation for the chosen object, giving time to consider questions such as: Who created this? How? Why? Where? When? What does it make me think about? How do I feel when I think about its beginnings and endings? Once we have had some time to understand the object, our perception of it, and have written down thoughts prompted by it, we are then able to embark on the final step. Creation. All creators can choose how they would like to conjure their curiosity through writing, drawing, or painting. After focusing on something as simple as a bottle cap (or chosen object) and finding beauty there, once we look up and out into this big world, we can feel overwhelmed and awe inspired as there are intricate details everywhere to zoom in on and find magic in. We are capable of conjuring the curiosity within ourselves, to be pulled into this present moment by the beauty we find, so that we may breathe it in and feel alive.    

I am an illustrator and writer conjuring beauty from the mundane, luring the curiosity stirring around inside us into this present moment, so we can in return breathe it in and feel the magic of being alive. I want to inhale the abstract and exhale the manifestation of it.

I want to see a bottle cap and think of its beauty,

Inner threads that weave across the bottles mouth remind me

Of the first time I held an unfamiliar hand;

Fingers intertwined in the Smithsonian.

Would you dare think of what you’re not told to?

Curiosity driven dreaming creeping into the mundane

To stare at a bottle cap until only love remains

A tangible reminder to the abstract beyond

That there is nothing but this second,

Everything else has yet to come or is already gone.



Wire Wrapping for Everyone!

with Tabitha Brown of Deep Seeded Trading Post     

This workshop will teach everyone a simple and fun way to wire wrap a stone!    

This workshop will teach a simple and memorable “cage style” way to wrap any stone. Each attendee will leave the workshop with their very own wire wrap! All materials will be provided, or attendees may bring their own materials, such as a personal crystal they would like to wrap. This workshop is suitable for ages 12 and up.    Tabitha is one half of the Deep Seeded Trading Post team. Paired with her boyfriend Paul, they specialize in bringing gorgeous crystals and minerals to the public through self-collection and imports since 2011! Tabitha has taken the passion for crystals one step further by making them wearable!


Creative Playtime with ROMPUS

with Bri Barton / Jessica Fisher

Join ROMPUS in collaboratively creating improvisational visual arts and movement!  

Come join ROMPUS in collaboratively creating improvisational visual arts and movement! ROMPUS, the live-painting troupe of Beardfest welcomes you to come play with them. We’ll throw paint, play with body and shadow, and create something collaboratively. Let’s see what happens!

ROMPUS creates large-scale improvisational paintings inspired by surrounding people and sounds, playing with light, shadow, resists, dance, and color to create vibrant, theatrical art. As they paint, their bodies are hidden from the audience but also backlit, so their shadows become part of their work. They pay homage to the natural world with imagery from cellular and galactic structures, animals, plants and life cycles. ROMPUS is also dedicated to creating spontaneous, collaborative spaces all around the festival grounds for everybody to paint.    



What Does Music, Like... Mean?

with Adam Neely 

An epistemological rant about music, rhythm, memes and the meaning of life.

Music Theory YouTuber Adam Neely explores humanity's relationship to music and/or memes, and tries to figure out what it all means. Adam will trace musical meaning from Pythagoras, Palestrina, Bernstein to Bill Wurtz on this journey into the greatest meme of all - music.

Adam Neely is a bassist and YouTuber with an engaged subscriber base of 700,000. His educational content explores what music means, and what it means to be a musician. He has appeared on TEDx, Vox, Ableton Loop, SxSW, MAGfest, Bass Player Magazine, Guitar World, Electronic Musician Magazine and Ultimate Guitar. His channel has 70 million lifetime views and 3 million monthly views, making it the largest music theory channel on YouTube.


HoopDance Workshop and Flow Jam

with Andi Pi of Tames Flame Productions

Let the hula hoop be your dance partner in this beginner’s hoop dance workshop. We will be learning some foundational hoop techniques that will allow you to let loose, feel the music and have fun! The lesson will be followed by an all-levels flow jam/skillshare so whether you’ve never touched a hula hoop or you are already one with the circle; there will be plenty of fun and things to learn here.

Andie Pi is a founding member of the fire troupe who sets the stage ablaze every year at BeardFest. When she found flow arts eight years ago, she began the path that gave her the confidence to work towards her goals, and taught her how to learn again; from poi patterns to piano scales to balancing a budget, she wouldn’t be where she is today without the ability to tap into this beautifully freeing dance and she wants to share that dance with the world!

CityBeard 2019 Workshops Lineup

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What Does Music, Like… Mean?
Drum Fitness with Rhythmetrix
HoopDance Workshop and Flow Jam
Everyday Sustainability
Chakra Circus
Ecstatic Dance
An Open Discussion on Antiracism