2017 Workshops

Primitive Arrowmaking - Tim Wills and Jessica Grill of Warpath Archery

Make your own arrow with stone tips and real wild turkey feathers.

Tim Wills, owner of Warpath Archery, has been making archery equipment for over 30 years. He will teach this workshop on an ongoing basis at his vending tent, as he has for the past three years, and it’s always a big hit. Sign-up when you arrive at Beardfest!



Reflective Listening and Conflict Transformation - Gray Fisher of Cloak Conjury

Hands-on practice with simple and effective communication technology to transform conflicts.

In this 2-part workshop, we will explore common cultural and community ways of handling conflict and justice, then vision better systems into being. We will practice one particular tool together, to bring those better systems we dream of into our communities. We will begin by practicing reflective listening. Then we will dive together into Restorative Circles--a reflective listening based conflict exploration tool. Circles are extremely flexible and responsive to the existing culture of any community. They were built in communities, but we will also explore how to adapt it to everyday life and one on one conflict. We ask many questions--”How can we best learn from conflict? How can we host that learning for each other? How can we hear each other, and feel heard? What does it mean to ‘listen to be changed’? What do we need to see transformed in how we see conflict? Where are we now, and how can we get from ‘Here’ to ‘There’, together?” This is a very hands on, discussion based offering.

Gray has been learning from the process of reflective listening for over 4 years now and has led and co-led many workshops in order to spread and explore this practice throughout their overlapping communities. In this method, one becomes more qualified through continuous practice, and by remaining a student at all times. Gray’s sharing of this technology is also part of seeking, to constantly learn from this work and create spaces for others to learn as well. Gray is passionate about transforming the ways that we see and handle conflict in both interpersonal or intimate relationships, and within collective and community contexts. So many good efforts struggle, heave, and sometimes fail because we lack good culture around conflict--or haven't even examined what it is and could be. It doesn't have to be this way! It is time to explore, expand, and thrive!


Honey, Do It Yourself! - Elizabeth Vernon of QueenBee Apiaries

Make your own wellness products from the hive.

Showing hands on how to infuse an oil with herbs/flowers, then using by products from the hive to make a final product. This workshop will include the attendees making two different products: an herbal salve and a lip balm. I will demonstrate how to utilize the byproducts of the hive so you are left with two finished products that provide overall wellness, as well as a connection to the earth and its surroundings.

QueenBee Apiaries Owner and Apiarist Elizabeth Vernon has been beekeeping and making products from the hive for over 9 years. She started by teaching people the basics of beekeeping; however, after years of this teaching, she realized she needed to add what can be done to maximize the harvest and show people just how easy it is to do it yourself.

Elizabeth has a degree in Eastern Medicine and has been a wellness practitioner for over 17 years. QueenBee Apiaries has been in business for over 4 years and is now partnered with a home base in NJ called Totten Family Farm. The business is dedicated to bringing awareness and education to the public about the importance of the honey bee. It is also involved in taking apprentices and interns to help teach everyone the skills they need so they can host honey bees.

Elizabeth has studied with some of the longest living beekeepers on the East Coast and also took part in an internship in Jamaica. This led to a partnership with an Eco-retreat that has evolved into a beautiful example of eco-tourism and what Americans can do to help other countries generate income through education. She has taught in Negril, Jamaica at Camp Cabarita, PermaJam, The Sussex County Horse Show, Beardfest, and many schools in Northern NJ, PA, and NY.




Mushroom Medicines: A Missing Link in Human Health - Robyn Mello of Edenspore

Learn the basics and a few easy-to-identify mushrooms for herbalism and ecosystem.

This workshop will cover a broad overview of what makes certain mushrooms medicinal, some socio-cultural-historical perspectives, a few more well-researched mushroom species used to prevent and treat human diseases, some identification tips, and basic preparation techniques. Mycomedicines for all!

I first "discovered" the world of fungi 10 years ago and added it to my ever-growing list of things I couldn't believe had been left out of my formal education. My interest in the kingdom's potential to heal human and global ecosystems has only continued to fascinate me. I've been experimenting with making and taking well-known mushroom medicines since early 2015, thanks to an ever-increasing connection to the Earth and a partnership with Philadelphia's gourmet mushroom company, Mycopolitan. This year, I decided to launch Edenspore as a way to more consciously spread this important knowledge and medicine to the Philadelphia area.

Robyn Mello is in all things a plant, people, and planet advocate. She's a professional permaculture designer and educator, owner of Edenspore, LLC, Orchard Director of The Philadelphia Orchard Project, Education and Vending Curator for Beardfest, Mushroom Mistress at Mycopolitan Mushroom Co, Lead Siren and Songstress in The Radicans. She has designed dozens of community gardens and urban food forests in Philadelphia within many neighborhoods; has experience in non-profit, small business, and farm management; and really loves to get down and dirty with realtalk and dank compost.


"Permanent Multiculture" with The Permaculture Podcast

"Non-Profit Permaculture" with Realeyes Homestead

"Philly Permaculture Roundtable, Part 1" with The Permaculture Podcast





IG: @phillyorchards, @edenspore


Backpacking on a Budget - Jon Kardos

Discussion of resources and ideas to effectively travel with a limited budget.

A workshop centered around traveling and living out of a backpack. Presentation will cover everything from the contents of the pack to tips on how to find a free place to sleep. I will discuss several money saving tips (transportation expenses, lodging and food hacks), avoiding tourist traps, ideas for planning and hints for branching out in totally new environments. There will be a discussion section regarding the distinction between a traveler and a tourist and what sustainable tourism/travel looks like. At the end of the workshop attendees should walk away with new resources, new perspectives on the benefits of travel, and new understandings of how to travel sustainably.

I spent 10 months between 2015 and 2016 backpacking on my own through South America. The basic goal was to improve my spanish, learn about new cultures, see dank nature spots, and put some trust in strangers. By the end of my trip, I had become fluent in Spanish, realized hitchhiking can be an effective means of transit, and learned that flexible travel plans are the best plans. Throughout my trip, I kept notes of useful backpacking tips, and I intend to share them in this workshop. I have experience teaching and I'm certain I can facilitate an open workshop which invites attendees to share their ideas and experiences.

Jonathan Kardos attended Temple University where he was a co-founder of the Rad Dish Co-Op and graduated with a degree in Communications and Spanish. He is a longtime friend of Beardfest and attended the Paul Green School of Rock with Out of the Beardspace. Jonathan spent most of 2016 backpacking through Perú, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Throughout the trip, he refined his Spanish, spent time hiking and farming, and continually learned from the members of the communities he visited.  

He is currently an ESL teacher with the Garces Foundation in Philadelphia, teaching assistant at M'kor Shalom, and Orchard Liaison with The Philadelphia Orchard Project.

Upcycling With T-Shirts - Reyouth

A no-sew activity that teaches participants how to turn an old tshirt into a reusable grocery bag.

Reduce by Reuse teaches participants how to convert their old favorite t-shirt, tank, long-sleeve into a grocery bag which can drastically minimize plastic waste created. The materials needed are a t shirt and a pair of scissors and can be completed in 10 minutes. Through the event, ReYouth talks about our cleanups and what types of trash we find on these events, the majority being single use bottles, cans and plastic bags. By making this easy switch to reusable bottles and grocery bags, we open our minds up to the trash that is consumed regularly each year. Note: the average American will send 108 tons of trash to the dump by the end of their lifetime. (Garbology, William Rathje)

Re-Youth aims to use service projects as a medium to encourage environmentally conscious community building by providing a network of scholarship opportunities, cooperation with local municipalities, and educational workshops. As well as action, this organization aims to foster an altruistic mentality for everyday life.

ReYouth has facilitated over 40 cleanups across NJ totaling over 600 hours of community service in 2 years. We also utilize the data received from cleanups and take that to tabling events where we promote the use of reusable water bottles and reusable grocery bags. Here we show the community how a Reduce by reuse T Shirt (or any shirt or tank) grocery bag is made.



Basketry with Invasive Plants - Steven Carty

Learn how to identify invasive plant species and make baskets from them.

Steven will supply freshly harvested invasive plant species and teach participants how to make baskets from them. Identifying such plants and proper harvesting methods will be discussed. Some sustainable native plants species may also be included. Tools and materials will be provided.

Steven is a professional basket weaver, an avid forager, and explorer and writer of Local Native American and Pinelands history. He has taught within the Burlington County Parks System, Peter's Valley School of Craft, and various locations in Philadelphia.


Musicasana - Sarah Lasoski, Zach LoPresti, Robyn Mello

Yoga for all levels with live soundscaping music.

Join Sarah Lasoski for an all levels Yoga class while Out of the Beardspace's Zach LoPresti and Edenspore’s Robyn Mello create live music for your practice.

Sarah Lasoski is a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher and VaihAyasa Aerial Teacher. Her classes encourage the student find their unique individual flow. She loves to dance, laugh, and love.



Creating and Enhancing Intimacy for Couples - Ellie Kovell of Cope Better Therapy

Connect with your partner through gaze, touch and emotion.

This workshop is designed for couples, but open to singletons who have a bestie they want to bring along. It will lead each participant through a series of exercises designed to enhance intimacy and bring on all your vibey feels for that special someone in your life. We all get busy. This workshop is an opportunity to pause and reconnect with that special human in your life. LGBTQ friendly.

Lori Kovell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides counseling to individuals and couples. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, she has a private practice called Cope Better Therapy in Philadelphia, PA, nestled in the heart of Rittenhouse Square. There she helps adults work through stress, grief, depression, anxiety and relationship concerns. She blogs regularly on relationships, sex, anxiety, depression and work related stress on her website copebetter.com and also has an ongoing blog partnership with P.A.R.C Magazine. She’s done workshops for Cancer Fighters Thrive and the Cancer Support Community, in addition to several live TV interviews for local Fox stations and Blazin267 Radio.

@copebetter on FB and IG, copebetter.com

Close combat self defense - Alex Clauss

Learn at least 5 close contact self defense moves.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable while in a seemingly dangerous place and wish you were more confident to be there? If so, learning some simple self-defense could benefit you! Come learn something new, and have fun! I will be teaching around 5 close combat self defense moves/techniques that I have benefited from immensely. They are all for beginners and are very safe and handy to know.

I trained in martial arts for 8 years and achieved my first degree black belt in 2011. After that, I taught classes, both adults and children, until 2013 at Elite TOMA Martial Arts Center.

“Freedom To Play” Improv - Julissa Hernandez and Orlando Mercado

A workshop that says "Yes, And" to your childhood desire to play through improvisational games and scenework.

This workshop will open up the space to play as if you were a child again. Improv allows you to be any character you prefer to be and play in a world of your own creation. Students will find liberation in guided exercises and games to be more vulnerable and take more risks. Freedom to Play guarantees a safe space for all walks of life and promotes individuality and creative innovation.

Julissa and Orlando have always sought out means of creative expression ever since they were young. Orlando has a Bachelor's in Film from Rowan University and focused on comedy. Julissa has a Communications degree from Colorado State and has immersed herself in acting and production for over 15 years. Theatre has been the best medium to express ourselves fully and wish to facilitate the same for others. We have over 5 Years Comedy Improv experience in Short Form and Long Form, taught under numerous instructors at Philly Improv Theater, 3+ years clowning experience, and over 10 years’ experience acting. We have also taught at Return To Roots festival and various other locations.

Intro to Improv for Nonmusicians and Novices (+ Jam Session) - Austin Vogel

Participants with little or no musical experience will be given the basic tools needed to jam with friends and be led in a group jam session (bring instruments!).

This workshop will start with a discussion about the basics of music theory. We’ll cover the pentatonic scale, tonic vs. dominant chord function, time signatures, and how all these apply to jamming. You’ll learn how to play a pentatonic scale on your instrument of choice (some instruments will be provided, but try to bring one if you can!) We'll conclude with a jam session where everyone will get to try out their new skills over a background track.

Austin Vogel is a 19-year-old composer from Medford, NJ. He writes and plays in various musical styles from jazz to electronica, indie rock to classical. He currently attends Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. To find his music, search for his pseudonym “Shinkono” on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

https://soundcloud.com/shinkono https://www.facebook.com/austin.vogel.3

Off Grid Solar Power Demonstrations - Kevin Grossman of Sun Lab Studio

Demonstration of Off Grid Solar through musical performance.

Overview of the technology involved in setting up and maintaining an off grid solar generator, with musical performances demonstrating the ability of off grid solar.

The Sun Lab is a mobile recording studio, powered entirely by solar energy. We record music in non-traditional, usually outdoor spaces, out in the world where we can feed off of the energy of the sun and the environment around us.

The Sun Lab was born out of a desire to combine all of the things we love: music, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends. By inviting musicians outside of the stuffy confines of the traditional recording studio, we can capture performances that are directly inspired by the outside world in which they happen.

Our solar technology gives us the ability to be mobile, which allows us flexibility to explore and record in places where grid energy is otherwise unavailable. Being solar also gives us the opportunity to promote alternative energy sources, and to spread awareness that alternative energy is not only useful, but readily accessible as well. Sun Lab offers these workshops annually at a few different elementary schools.

Ent the Green's Nature Lab - Ent The Green, Wizard Scientist

Nature- and science-based learning for the whole family.

My intention with this workshop is to create and facilitate nurturing spaces for families to learn about nature, science and environmental stewardship. Workshops are geared towards K through 12 children, though also enjoyed by adults. Included are a wizard and scientist; exploratory nature hikes; a 10'x10' canopy tent nature lab (includes microscopes, specimens of local flora/ fauna, chemistry experiments, transformers, living zebrafish, and more). Lessons will be taught in an alternating pattern of 45 minutes to 1 hour of hiking exploration, followed by 45 minutes to 1 hour of semi-guided exploration in the nature lab. Families can stay as long or as short as they like. Native American legends may also be incorporated into lessons, hikes, or performed separately.  

Ent was born in the fire bred lands of the NJ Pinelands. Invoking his wizard spark at an early age, this unique ecosystem has served as family and friend. This relationship led him to pursue a 20 year career as a Biologist and Environmental Educator amidst the Delaware River watershed. Taking on the wizarding color of green, Ent now spends his time wandering across the region as educator in life science and emissary for the green spaces of the world. It is an honor to continue to serve the land of his birth utilizing all his skills and gifts to enrich the lives of others with the power of science, and a touch of green magic.  

He has taught in K through 12 classrooms across the greater Philadelphia region; at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education; The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; Bass River State Forest; Batsto Village; and Morris Arboretum.

Creative and Collective Worldbuilding - Marlon MacAllister

Join a local science fiction writer and work in groups to imaginatively co-create a world resulting from a writing prompt.

Marlon will tell a compelling story to group participants about the collapse of a major colonialist backbone of the modern social order (cheap oil, federal government, U.S. dollar, electrical grid, etc.), then ask participants to imagine how their lives and communities will be affected by this event, as well as what they will need to do to build a new life. Participants will freewrite, then be organized in small groups to share their freewrites and together brainstorm ideas for how the world will have to look after this event, important things to consider about how to meet everyone's needs, how decisions will be made, etc. etc., with Marlon providing assistance if people get stuck. Then small groups will each share their visions with the big group, and there will be open discussion about what people came up with. Finally, Marlon will give a brief talk about his own world-building process when writing his novel and how the world-building informed the creation of his characters and their stories, as well as provide Q&A about being a local, self-published science fiction novelist.

Marlon is the author of Meld Resistance, book one in the Gardenpunk series of urban sci-fi novels. An avid gardener, Marlon is involved in the urban agriculture scene in his home city of Philadelphia. The combination of urban environment and verdant profusion provides fertile ground for Marlon’s imagination and inspires his books’ “gardenpunk” setting and style. Marlon taught a workshop at Beardfest 2016 and has taught for Mighty Writers in Philadelphia.


Dreamcatcher Crafting - Jessica Whalen

Craft objects to sooth the mind and soul, and protect the spirit.

Craft dreamcatchers for not only aesthetic purposes but to bring peace and clarity to the crafter. Every crafter may design and create with their own artistic vision and intention of banishing negative energies.

Jess knows how to make dreamcatchers and wants to bring that skill to the Beardfam along with varying supplies for people to choose from.

Children’s Music with Liat and Jeremy - Liat Arochas and Jeremy Savo

Original children's music based off books by award winning author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.

Jeremy and Liat met a while back. Both coming from musical backgrounds it was only a matter of time before they would meet and begin collaborating. "We call ourselves the children's ultimate writing duo!" Liat says as she writes in her notebook. When we come together, the writing process comes naturally.

About 5 year ago, Liat met Michelle at an assembly where she was teaching. She pitched her idea of writing songs for Michelle's books and Michelle LOVED it! As time passed and 6 songs later, Jermy and Liat are still loving what they do and making the children dance and sing!

Liat is a preschool music teacher in Denver, Colorado at the JCC. She also performs as a singer/songwriter in venues and during yoga. She teaches ukulele classes and music rhythmic classes to young children. Her passion for music is portrayed on stage and she will share her gift with you! Jeremy Savo is a professional musician, promoter, and music teacher based out of the Philadelphia area. Besides his work with 'Liat and Jermy', he performs regularly with his band Out of the Beardspace. They perform at countless music festivals every year, including their own, Beardfest. Jeremy also teaches a wide range of guitar students, from ages 3 to 65 and of all skill levels. Whether on stage, behind the scenes, or in the classroom, Jeremy relishes in the connection that music can create between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

They’ve taught and performed their music at Sabater School, Vineland, NJ/ Beth El Hebrew School, Cherry Hill, NJ/ International Reading Conference New Orleans, LA/ Usborne Book Convention Oklahoma/ ECC JCC Denver, CO/ Children's Museum Denver, CO.


Campfire Singalong - Jeremy Savo

Gather around the fire for a good old fashioned sing along!

Experience the powerful connection of communal music making through singing your favorite songs from the 60's through today. Certain environments are ripe for what I like to call “flash communities”. These are groups of people who come together briefly for some common experience and quickly create meaningful and lasting bonds. There are many circumstances under which flash communities have the potential to form successfully, but don't, perhaps due to some lack of leadership, lack of shared interests, or both. In my travels, I have found that one of the best ways to create a communal bond between what started as strangers is through shared, participatory music. In this workshop, I will lead participants through some of the most beloved singable songs from the 60's through today. Through singing them together, participants will not only have a blast, but will hopefully feel a profound new connection with one another.

Jeremy Savo is a musician, music teacher, and music promoter who lives in South Jersey. Besides being a cofounder of Beardfest and Out of the Beardspace, he teaches a full schedule of guitar students, writes children's music, and is now venturing into a new solo music project. He has led community singalongs in Costa Rica, West Virginia, Israel, LA, New Mexico, NJ, and Philadelphia.

Intro into Rope Dance - Dash Sebrell

Intro into Rope Dart & Third order motion.

Intro into Rope Dance stands to teach the student basic rope dart motions such as; shoots, wraps and unlocks. Concepts such as lock counting and applying your natural third order motion to such movements to create a beautiful and vibrant dance.

My qualifications to lead this workshop lie in my seven years of experience in martial arts, with a focus on Yin style Tai-Chi; Bagua-Zhang, Kyoshujitsu & Kung Fu weaponry, as well as two years leading a performance troupe, Zero Gravity, and another three years on a fire troupe, The Digital Circus. I have taught similar workshops at Ode to Earth and Return to Roots.


Henna Basics - Elisa Giacona

Learn the basics of henna tattoo art.

My goal is to not only instruct on how to draw with a henna cone, but to also inform the group on the background of henna, what it is made of, how to make it, the dangers of black henna, and cover a couple different styles. Each attendee will receive a henna cone with educational material and workbook pages to practice patterns. I will have mandalas, Indian and Moroccan designs to practice and encourage attendees to freestyle designs on paper and their friends.

Elisa Giacona started doing henna 3 years ago when she was inspired by a photo her friend sent her. She decided to try it out and quickly discovered her passion and talent for henna art and has not put down the cone since. She especially loves Moroccan henna designs and ensures her henna is safe and fresh by making it herself in small batches.  

@hennabyelisa facebook.com/hennabyelisa

Earth's Treasures - Tabitha Brown of Deep Seeded Trading Post

An introduction to crystals, and the science and metaphysics behind them.

This workshop with teach those who are interested the basics of crystal identification, the science of crystals, and also metaphysical aspects of crystals. We have extensive field experience, as well as years of research on the subject under our belts. In this region, we are known as authorities of the mineralogical sciences and are capable of answering most questions on the subject.

Deep Seeded Trading Post offers a wide variety of mineralogical specimens. Aesthetic and collectable minerals from around the world, we strive to provide the most interesting minerals, crystals, gems, and fossils we can find! Many items are either self-collected or imported from around the world, as well as providing many American classics. We’ve taught previously at One Art Community Center in Philadelphia and Farrest Grove Music Festival in Hammonton, NJ.


World Drumming Workshop and Drum Circle - Ethan Feinstein

Drum workshop focusing on drumming cultures from around the world followed by an all out jam session with serious vibes.

Bring your drums and get ready for the 3rd annual World Drumming Workshop/Drum Circle led by Ethan Feinstein! In this percussive gathering, drummers of all ages and skill levels will come together to learn about various drumming cultures from all over the world and the profound effects they have had on our modern music. The workshop will also include a full drum circle, bringing together all sorts of drummers to find a common voice, and celebrate the rich tradition of drumming in the woods. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Bring a drum and come celebrate!

Ethan is a Private Teacher, previous teacher at School of Rock, and has led workshops at Archway Program, various drum circle workshops, and more. He also writes and performs drums and vocals with Out of The Beardspace, Dreamer on The Other Side, and The Radicans!


Medicinal Plant Journey - Brit Brennan of Rabbity Goods

A guided group meditation with a medicinal herb and group discussion about the plant's energetics, medicinal actions, and our journey experiences.

I would like to guide folks through a guided meditation called a "plant journey" with one medicinal herb. We will discuss the characteristics of the plant as a medicine and how it's used, touch briefly on the concept of herbal medicine, and journey with the plant as a group. I will guide the journey with words and sound with the hope to teach people how to connect to a plant on an energetic/spiritual level; how to hear what their medicine offers, and then we will share our experiences with each other. The goal of this workshop is to create a more well-rounded understanding of how a plant can act as medicine for us and how to deepen our connections to the natural world.

I've been making and practicing herbal medicine for almost 5 years. I have been trained through an extended program as a certified Community Herbalist and have continued my studies in multiple classes, self-teaching, and hands on experience. I have taught classes that address herbalism, art, and energetic/spiritual practices and own a small business in which I sell my herbal products. I participate in local craft shows selling my herbal goodies and engaging with the public about them.

Rabbity Goods, owned by Brit Brennan, is a one-witch run small business specializing in handmade art, jewelry, herbal body products, and organic tea; created with love and inspired by the Earth. Rabbity Goods seeks to provide affordable alternatives for self-care and creative expression to all those seeking a more holistic and natural approach to health, body adornment, and art. Brit has taught workshops at Spirit to Sole Connection, Beardfest, and Taylor's Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey.

www.rabbitygoods.com, www.facebook.com/rabbitygoods, www.instagram.com/rabbitygoods, www.twitter.com/rabbitygoods

Singing and the Theory Behind Harmony - Daniel Townsend

Learn simple Theoretical Concepts of music using singing.

Last year’s music theory workshop was great! I think the thing that went over the best was the singing aspect. I did some rounds, and talked about the chords that were created. I want to do even more singing to get people really "involved" with it in a much more hands on/tangible way. When we go through each new tune, we'll try different musical gestures like crescendos/diminuendos, staccato/legato, reharmonizations, and varying rhythmic interpretation. Come sing with your friends! No musical experience necessary! We'll discuss some basic music theory and immediately apply it to our voices.

Daniel Townsend is a pianist and composer.  He began playing at the age of 8, and by the age of 14, tunes began to pour out onto manuscript books to the point that he decided to study music seriously.  He attended West Chester University’s Theory and Composition program in Fall ’07, and graduated Magna Cum Laude in Fall ‘12. Daniel’s musical intent is to create a body of music that helps people to feel beautiful, and to encourage them to flourish in their surroundings. His message is conveyed through the medium of hyper-consonance, paired with morphing modal textures weaving in and out of tonal atmospheres. Music Theory plays a large role in his compositional process, and through teaching private piano/theory lessons for 7 years, Dan has crafted an approach to understanding theory by combining the ideas of scales, chords, common tones, and upper structures of harmony.  


The Flora and Fauna of the Pine Barrens - Jessica Keen and Celenia Rivera

Discover the diversity of the Pine Barrens right under your feet at Paradise Lakes Campground.

We have such a diverse ecosystem right in our own backyard that is found nowhere else in the world! Why are the vast forests of the Pine Barrens so special? From plants to insects to animals, we can view the beauty of our forests right here at Paradise Lakes Campground!

Jessica is obtaining her master's degree in Environmental Studies and has shown a specific passion in the diversity of the Pine Barrens. She works at the Mosquito Commission and as a HS science teacher. Celenia is a graduate from Stockton University with her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. Together they want to share their knowledge and love of the Pine Barrens and passion of science education with all of you!

Splatter Art: An Emotional Expression through Form, Color, & Theory - Ty Meyerhoff

Using various color juxtapositions in splatter art to convey feelings and emotions.

My workshop allows individuals to choose up to three colors and splatter them on a small canvas. Each color has various connotations and meanings behind them which will be explored in the workshop. Pupils will make their art and affix meaning to their creations through structural theory; examining impact, lines, color overlap, and space. Splatter Artwork: Discover yourself and construct personal ideologies through color and theory! Throw paint against a white canvas and make sense of the world! Have fun!

I have created and sold these small paintings at live shows and craft fairs. I am a literary theory & education major, although I have learned and collaborated with many art theorists, studying abroad in London to learn about art culture. I have also studied the work of Jackson Pollock. I have also taught at various high schools around South Jersey.

Intro to Wire Wrapping - Jennifer Jones of Jennifer Jones Jewelry

Basic skills for making a wire wrapped pendant.

For this workshop we will be making a wire wrapped pendant from start to finish. In the beginning, I will cover topics such as materials, stones choice, tools, and all the basics for getting started. Each participant will leave with the knowledge of how to set a stone in a "frame setting" and form it into a pendant. The skills learned will make for a solid foundation to grow upon in the future.

I am a 26 year-old wire wrapper based out of Philadelphia, PA. I am largely self-taught with some professional training in metalsmithing at the Wayne Art Center and Delaware Art Museum. Being predominantly self-taught has allowed me to create my own distinct style that has been evolving since 2011. I started wrapping because of my love for crystals and the magic and potency they possess. Every crystal is a beacon of love, light and inspiration, and I strive to have this power shine through in my art.

Each piece I create is as unique as it is personal; no two pieces are the same. I draw inspiration from the greatest muse of all--life. It is with this mindset that anything can give flight to a design, the curves of a rose, the sharpness of an arrowhead, the symmetry of a butterfly… just to name a few. While crystals and silver are my favorite elements to work with, I have also incorporated several different mediums including gold, leather, blown glass, bear claws, sea shells, and fossils, and my repertoire is only growing.

We live in a mass-produced world where the divide between the natural world and the artificial world is ever-growing. Jennifer Jones Jewelry aims to close that gap by spreading the wonder of crystals and personal, unique, handmade art to everyone. It is my hope that the special touch I put into my art will help to remind us of the importance of going with the natural flow of life, not living beside nature but becoming in tune with it and its offerings. I have taught previously at Beardfest, Cosmic Alignment, Wild Woods Art and Music festival, and given private lessons.



Topical Plant Healers - Susan Hess of Still Room at Pitch Pines

Using plants topically for burns, bites, scrapes, bruises, and more!

Learn how to use medicinal plants in a variety of topical applications for common first aid situations. The instructor will bring a wide selection of wild and cultivated plants that can be made into poultices, compresses, vinegars and salves that can be used safely and effectively. Demonstration and hands on medicine making, as well as take-home instructional handouts.

Susan Hess is a therapeutic herbalist and native weed wrangler who resides in the NJ Pine Barrens. Since 1997 she has enjoyed sharing her experience and knowledge through community herbal education workshops and her twelve month “Homestead Herbalism” course and teaching gardens. Her website showcases Susan’s photography as well as her educational offerings. In her spare time, Susan enjoys studying astrology, traditional healing methods, photography, creating botanical art, writing and cheese-making.

IG: susan_hess, FB: Susan Hess


Pond Tour and How to Stop Off-road Vehicles - Jason Howell of Pinelands Preservation Alliance

Illuminating the wonder and science of Pinelands Intermittent ponds and learning how to protect them.

I would like to highlight the nearby intermittent ponds in Wharton State Forest that have been subject to motor vehicle abuse. Though damaged, the ponds are in good condition and have been recently barricaded to prevent vehicle entry. We will explore the native species and geology that makes the wetland so vibrant and diverse. We will also learn how to protect these ponds if they are being subjected to damage by vehicles.

Jason Howell is an NJ Volunteer Master Naturalist, Wilderness First Responder, and is a volunteer with Mid-Atlantic Search and Rescue covering Southern New Jersey and The Pinelands National Reserve. Jason works for the Pinelands Preservation Alliance as their Stewardship Coordinator. Jason is an avid canoeist, hiker, and primitive skills enthusiast.

Beginner fire fans - Luna Loup

How to move your fans & move with your fans.

A perfect beginner workshop for anyone who's never picked up fans before or is still a novice.We spend time working on how to hold fans, orientation, spinning, planes/how to work them.I throw in some partner fan tech play at the end to celebrate. Aspiring spinners will need to bring their own props.

I've started my object manipulation/circus training journey seriously back in 2011 & been teaching fire fans for 3 years. I've taught at Fahrenheit Flow Fest, PEXSF, Burningman, and locally in Philadelphia for both fan dancing as well as aerials and intro contortion.

Sunset Flow Jam - Kathryn Wiedenmann

A time for fellow flowers to get together to inspire, help, and share a common interest.

Ever wish you had more time at festivals to get together with other flow artists like yourself? Calling all hoopers, poi spinners, staff slingers, and fan bringers. ALL THINGS FLOW are welcome at this workshop. It's my hope to get a bunch of flowers together to inspire/help each other in one big flow-jam session. At the end, we'll play the game "the machine" by connecting all of our instruments of flow to create one big spinning machine.

I've been hooping for 3 years, levi-wanding for about 5 months, and I've taken 3 years of dance classes. I've also been involved in musical theater for over 8 years.

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2017 Workshops

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