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In a psychedelic explosion of sound and color, Out of the Beardspace expresses its wide range of emotions. Sections of improvisation flow seamlessly in and out of compositions which fuse jazz, pop, funk, rock, and more into a Beardly Beast that will certainly move you.

Having met as teenagers at the School of Rock, members of Beardspace have been making music together in some form or another for many years. As School of Rock students, they had the opportunity to tour in the US and Europe, perform with Rock Stars like Jon Anderson (Yes) and Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction), and play at music festivals like Lollapalooza in Chicago and Zappanale in Germany.

Upon graduation, different musical projects emerged which eventually converged into one: Out of the Beardspace. Since their formation in 2011, Beardspace has made a name for themselves by sharing their unique sound with audiences up and down the East Coast. They have appeared at countless venues and festivals sharing bills with bands like Moon Hooch, Lettuce, Consider the Source, Eoto, and more. They are also becoming a pillar of the DIY festival scene with their own festival Beardfest.




The musical collective known as Antibalas (Spanish for bullet-proof or anti-bullets) was conceived of in Mexico City and formed in Brooklyn New York. The early nucleus of the group was composed of the band's founder Martín Perna and later included several other members (Gabriel Roth, Michael Wagner, Del Stribling aka Binky Griptite, Victor Axelrod, Fernando Bugaloo Velez, Anda Szilagyi) from the Soul Providers / Dap Kings band. performing their first show in May 1998 at St. Nick's Pub in Harlem NY.

A few months into the group's existence, Perna and Roth, on a walk through their southside Williamsburg neighborhood, met Amayo, who at the time owned a boutique / kung fu studio / arts space where he sold his own fashion designs, held shows. They invited Amayo, who grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and was fluent in the music of Fela, to see a show in the neighborhood. A few weeks later, they called again to ask him to fill in for a percussionist for a show at the Cooler (NYC) and he joined the band shortly thereafter. Within months he began composing and performing lyrics and assuming the role of the group's lead vocalist / frontman.

The nascent group spent its early months rehearsing and composing at Desco 41st street studios and later the first Daptone Studios at Amayo's Afro Spot. Eschewing all commercial venues for the first year, they performed exclusively in alternative spaces in lofts, community markets, parks, art spaces like Sara Roosevelt Park, Taller Latinoamericano, Brecht Forum, and the Angel Orensanz Center.

In August 1999, Greenwich Village record store owner Ayo Osinibi introduced them to the owner of the Tribeca club NoMoore, where they earned a weekly residence that ran for 18 months until the club was abruptly closed by the city. At No Moore, the group's nucleus and repertoire expanded, as they routinely played three 75-90 minute sets every Friday.

In 2001, following their debut record (reissued independently, then licensed to Ninja Tune) they began touring internationally, from Glastonbury, Montreux to Newport Jazz and other renowned rock, jazz and world music festivals.

Around 2003, following their third album "Who Is This America," the Dap Kings and Antibalas both became very busy, each group developed its separate full-time lineup although the groups would remain close, later reuniting with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and Charles Bradley for the 2014 Daptone Super Soul Revue across summer festivals and theaters in Europe and culminating in a three night run at New York's Apollo Theater.

The group toured heavily between 2002 and 2007 with the releases of their third album, "Who Is This America", and fourth, "Security".

From 2007-2012 many members and former members of the Antibalas participated in the Tony-Award winning Broadway musical FELA!, including the show's musical director Aaron Johnson, lead saxophonist Stuart Bogie, and assistant MD trumpeter Jordan McLean.

In 2011, the group returned to the Daptone House of Soul to record their most recent album, "Antibalas" produced by emeritus member Gabriel Roth. The group toured heavily throughout the US and Europe, and later that year, performed songs from the album live on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Antibalas has recorded five studio albums on the Daptone, Ninja Tune, Anti-, and Ropeadope labels as well as a number of singles and EPs. The band finishing their sixth studio album, due out in mid-2017.

Though recognized for their fluency in Afrobeat and funk music, the band is known to collaborate with diverse groups and artists, from Angélique Kidjo to Jovanotti to Medeski Martin & Wood to Public Enemy, and served as the house band at Carnegie Hall in 2014 (Music of Paul Simon), 2015 (Music of David Byrne & Talking Heads) and this year's 2017 Music of Aretha Franklin.




On their third studio album Sir Nebula, TAUK tap into their singular chemistry to elevate and expand their all-instrumental blend of funk, hip-hop, progressive rock, and jazz. Revealing both their refined musicality and unbridled creativity, the Oyster Bay, New York-bred rock-fusion four-piece (guitarist Matt Jalbert, bassist Charlie Dolan, keyboardist/organist Alric “A.C.” Carter, and drummer Isaac Teel) push into new sonic terrain and build entire worlds within each richly textured soundscape.
From the hazy atmospherics of “Time’s Up” and soaring riffs of “Program Select” to the urgent rhythms of “Shenanigans” and sprawling melodies of “Where You Are,” Sir Nebula finds TAUK introducing a cosmically inspired element to their music. “The album ended up taking on a more ambient kind of vibe than anything we’ve done before—there’s a spaciness in the songs that lets you get lost in the sound,” says Dolan. And while the album is endlessly hypnotic, TAUK also deliver the dynamic tension-and-release jams that have helped earn them a devoted following while drawing critical acclaim (the Washington Post, for one, praised TAUK for “creating a hard-charging, often melodic fusion that—thanks to a penchant for improv—offers limitless possibilities”).
Throughout Sir Nebula—the follow-up to their 2015 live double album HEADROOM—TAUK allow a more free-form, instinct-guided approach to steer their music into bold new directions. “With this record, we felt more comfortable in the studio and got to a new level where we were able to constantly feed off each other, so there was a lot of spur-of-the-moment improvisation that really helped shape the album,” says Jalbert. Adds Carter: “We made a point of trying to express ourselves freely and take risks even when that felt challenging and scary, instead of holding ourselves back and possibly taking something away from the songs.” At the same time, TAUK sharpened their songwriting to craft more intricately layered arrangements and powerfully intense grooves.
As with their past four releases, TAUK created Sir Nebula in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning producer/mixer/engineer Robert Carranza (The Mars Volta, Ozomatli, Jack Johnson, Taj Mahal). But in a departure from their previous work, the band made the album in one concentrated period rather than spacing the recording sessions out in between tours. Holing up at the Solar Powered Plastic Plant in Los Angeles, often pulling 12-hour workdays, TAUK ultimately found the revamped recording process hugely beneficial. “Everything just happened so naturally this time around,” says Jalbert. “I can’t think of one moment where it felt like anything was forced. We were all just completely focused and in the same mindset, which made it this incredibly fun and smooth experience.”
TAUK’s creative connection traces back to childhood, when longtime friends Dolan, Jalbert, and Carter formed their first band in seventh grade and held practice in their school basement. After playing together in various projects over the years, the trio brought Teel into the fold in 2012, cementing the final lineup. “We gelled pretty quickly as friends and as musicians, and now there’s a connection onstage that’s unspoken,” notes Teel. “You just feel it from the energy within the band and from the response coming from the crowd—all these people in the same exact headspace.”
Since their formation, TAUK have shared stages with an impressive list of bands (including Widespread Panic, Umphrey’s McGee, Lettuce, and Tim Reynolds & TR3), in addition to appearing at festivals like Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and The Allman Brothers’ Peach Music Festival. That rigorous touring schedule has gone a long way in strengthening their chemistry, according to Carter. “We’re doing 140 shows a year and we pretty much live with each other, so there’s a healthy respect and trust and love happening there,” he says. “We all have a common goal and an understanding that this is something we’re compelled to do, and that’s definitely brought us close together.” It’s also helped TAUK develop a reputation as a masterful live act: “TAUK is unstoppable,” raved Live for Live Music. “If you haven’t see them, dear God, go.”
Now on the road again (with upcoming dates including a two-night stint at the Brooklyn Bowl and spots on the Hangtown Music Festival, North Coast Music Festival, and Catskill Chill Music Festival), TAUK also have plans to widen their output by composing scores for film and television. In the meantime, the band is focused on instilling their live show with the same kinetic energy and boundless passion that powered the making of Sir Nebula. “Growing up together as musicians and collectively going on this journey—that’s what makes this experience really special,” says Jalbert of TAUK’s continued evolution. “It’s like everything we’ve learned over the years has been funneled into this band, and now it’s taking shape in a really exciting way. We all love what we’re doing, and the band just feels like home.”




Octave Cat is Jesse Miller (Lotus - bass and modular synths), Eli Winderman (Dopapod - electric piano and Moog Prodigy) and Charlie Patierno (drums). The music takes inspiration from late 70s synth-jazz-funk, but also references classic house, drum n' bass and trip-hop.




EarthCry is Anthony of Papadosio's secondary musical project, serving as an outlet for his more electronic musical ideas, as well as a place to try experimental genre mashing, developmental frequency blending, and odd instrument combinations. Staying true to live roots, an EarthCry show can consist of any combination of live instruments, mixing, slicing, looping, and cutting overtop of arrangements that come out differently every time. All the while, electronic controls are always facing the crowd to encourage a deeper experience of interaction. Notable musical outputs have been his debut album "Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself", a voyage into 6 solfeggio tones. He has also released 2 "Mothers Mashups" which are combinations of 2 songs that mysteriously fit together in fun ways. As a beneficial operation, EarthCry also donates 50% of all earnings to different ecological initiatives around the world.





Remember Jones is a one-of-a-kind soul/pop singer, storyteller and bandleader with a throwback vibe and authentic energy that bring audiences to another time and place. Collaboratively supported by a double-digit sized band centrally from Asbury Park, NJ where they have a stronghold on it's large, thriving music scene, he has packed popular venues such as THE STONE PONY, ASBURY LANES, THE SAINT, CONVENTION HALL and THE PARAMOUNT THEATRE. He has been awarded TOP VOCALIST in the Asbury Park Music Awards, directed and debuted as HEDWIG in HEDWIG IN THE ANGRY INCH for Asbury Park's first long-running theatrical production, and has produced, music directed, and supported many local acts, rock musicals, and touring bands (most recently a string of sold-out dates with Buster Poindexter).

The band's DEBUT ALBUM, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones!", available via CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and other outlets, was created after raising close to $19,000 through nearly 300 small donations via Indiegogo, and created in front of a live studio audience with a 25-piece band. It was released in May 2016 at Asbury Park's Convention Hall, the first independent local band to play this venue in many, many years. POPDOSE calls the album "...uncanny magic... remarkable vocalist... Remember Jones is heading for big things."

He fronts a tribute project "back to BACK TO BLACK", a recreation of the entire AMY WINEHOUSE album with an orchestra of 15-25 musicians that has SOLD-OUT 3 times in Asbury Park, as well as a tour of the show packing venues in Brooklyn, Detroit, Louisville, Nashville, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and more, including a sold-out show at LINCOLN HALL in Chicago that was streamed live by AUDIOTREE. He has SOLD-OUT a theater re-creation of JOE COCKER's MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN with a 20-piece band and was the first ever to present and sing R. KELLY's TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET LIVE alongside a 20-piece orchestra. His work with GRAMMY-nominated guitar legend and songwriter GARY LUCAS will lead to upcoming recordings of unreleased JEFF BUCKLEY material, following a successful string of dates recreating the entire GRACE album in July 2016 (Lucas co-wrote "Grace" and "Mojo Pin"). A recording session with Daytrotter was released in February 2017.

Audiences throughout the East Coast have jumped to their feet for Remember Jones' tribute to JOE COCKER for the past 6 years as part of Glen Burtnik's SUMMER OF LOVE EXPERIENCE TOUR, selling out 1000+ seat venues: THE COUNT BASIE THEATRE (Red Bank, NJ), MAJESTIC THEATER (Gettysburg, PA),THEATRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (Patchogue, NY), INFINITY HALL (Norfolk, CT), EMENS AUDITORIUM AT BALL STATE (Muncie, Indiana), SHEA CENTER FOR THE ARTS (William Patterson University), THE STATE THEATRE (New Brunswick, NJ), and many more, with the show touring the midwest and more in 2016-7. As a member of other projects and theatrical events, he has played to rousing audiences in live music venues from WEBSTER HALL in NYC, WORLD CAFE LIVE in Philadelphia, SCHUBAS in Chicago, and more.

Whether you see him fronting a piano, a 4-piece band, or a soul orchestra of 25, Remember evokes the energy of the great front men and women, with one of a kind song styling ("the vocal child of Tom Jones and Patti LaBelle", says award-winning singer/songwriter Glen Burtnik) and expert storytelling that keep audiences on their toes and emotions in the moment.





We Used to Cut the Grass is an enigmatic experimental ensemble performing both original and adapted contemporary/classical music. The group, led by bassist, thereminist, hand sawist and composer Cody McCorry, most often features a large horn section and two drum sets, but no two performances are ever alike, with different instrumentation and new sonic intentions.

The ensemble's accomplishments include recording their debut single "Woodpecker" using 100% solar power, composing and debuting their 45 minute experimental piece "How to Seduce a Cactus" in Asbury Park, collaborating with the Vanguard Strings to release their arrangement of Igor Stravinsky's 1940 "Tango," touring with Frank Zappa vocalist/guitarist Ike Willis, and performing at the NJ premiere of Thorsten Schütte's Zappa documentary, "Eat That Question."




G-Nome Project has been regarded as "Israel’s premier Livetronica band" by the likes of Relix Magazine, performing what Live For Live Music deems "impressive and surprising shows."

Formed in September 2012, G-Nome Project is rapidly building one of the most loyal fan bases in the country, packing venues to capacity in their home city, Jerusalem, and expanding rapidly to the heart of the artistic scene in Israel’s center in greater Tel Aviv. The band is comprised from a super group of four nationally renowned musicians – Eyal Salomon, Zechariah Reich, Chemy Soibelman, and Shlomo Langer – who each bring a distinctive flavor to the dynamic electro-funk palate of this Jerusalem-based quartet.

Fans of many backgrounds flock to the band’s shows for the music, good vibes, and hardcore dancing that exemplify the character of the G-Nome community. Building on their success in the Middle East, the band has embarked on five international tours in the USA and will be returning to America for the Winter 2017 Groove Tour.




Hayley Jane and the Primates deliver a rich, genre-bending sound with a tantalizing live performance. Winners of the New England Music Awards’ Roots/Americana act of the year, The Primates have created a serious buzz in the music world. Their music blends genres to create a unique flavor with a foundation of Americana, soul and rock & roll.

Hayley Jane’s songs blend clever, over-the-top lyrics with Vaudevillian style storytelling. The band’s on-stage energy, skilled musicianship and theatrics take you over a landscape of emotion and leave you wanting more.

Hayley Jane has graced the stage at many premiere venues and festivals across the country. The band is established as a headliner and also has provided support for many prominent national acts. Hayley Jane has also established herself as a strong female presence in the national music scene and was recently featured in the RELIX “Women Who Rock” Issue.

The band has played a variety of music festivals including Gathering of The Vibes, Catskill Chill, FloydFest, Strange Creek, Wormtown, Camp Creek, Jerry Jam, Disc Jam, Great North, and many more. The band has shared bills with Dopapod, Perpetual Groove, The Nth Power, Zach Deputy, Pink Talking Fish, Dumpstaphunk and many more.

Hayley Jane and the Primates released their first EP entitled Color Me, in the spring of 2012, which was described as “brilliant, brave, innocent, tangled and cutting edge…genius” -Scarlet’s Picks

The band’s first full-length album, Gasoline, was engineered by Brian Wallace of Sublime and released in 2014. The album was recorded during a west coast tour that kicked off at the iconic Whisky a Go Go and ended at Qualcomm Stadium for Monday Night Football.

Hayley Jane and the Primates spent August 2016 recording their second full-length album at More Sound Recording Studio in Syracuse, NY. The album, produced by Craig Brodhead of Turkuaz, is set for release in 2017.

Hayley Jane and the Primates continue to find ways to bring old and new together to create a unique theatrical spectacle that is all their own.







With a diverse line-up of professional Philadelphia musicians whose influences range from Sun Ra to Bulgarian brass bands, West Philadelphia Orchestra is a unique live ensemble in today’s auto-tuned musical world. They began playing Romanian ballads, Macedonian folk-dance songs, Bulgarian wedding music, and Klezmer in late 2006, and have continued expanding their repertoire of Eastern European music. The band also plays original tunes which blend other sounds, like jazz and classical, together with traditional Balkan sounds. As much a community as a band, WPO’s performances are celebratory events. With blistering beats and walls of brass, they inspire audiences to hold hands, gyrate, howl, and otherwise slip the yoke of the homogenized culture industry.





Nik Greeley is known for being arguably the best frontman & performer in Philadelphia, and just in the last few years has established himself as one of the most entertaining & hard working musicians in the area, often being compared to the likes of James Brown, Joe Cocker, and Jim Morrison. Greeley released his solo debut EP Town Gypsy in Spring 2015, and has performed live sessions & received airplay on radio stations such as Radio 104.5, 88.5 WXPN, 93.3 WMMR, 93.7 WSTW and 95.9 WRAT. Greeley is also a member & singer in Philly's première funk band, Swift Technique, where he shares lead vocal duties with his female counter-part, Chelsea ViaCava. Members of ST also perform in The Operators, including the talented ST horn section. The Operators is a collective of some of the finest musicians in Philly & who all happen to be friends, too. It includes Producer/Drummer Joe Baldacci, longtime friend & Bassist, Freshy, Lead/Rhythm Guitar player Andrew Warren, and members of Prog-Fusion juggernauts, Out of The Beardspace such as Zach LoPresti (Lead Guitar) & Sam Gutman (Keyboards) and the Swift Technique horn section, "The ST's" Greg Rosen (Trumpet), Ian Gray (Trombone) and Jason O' Mara (Saxophone). Greeley has had the pleasure of opening for respected artists such as George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Gene Ween (Ween) Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Shuggie Otis, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads) Fishbone, Moon Hooch, Rebirth Brass Band, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Rusted Root and many more. NG & The Operators is looking to continue their success into 2016 and beyond.





If P-Funk and Zappa had a lovechild, it would be Dr. Slothclaw. The PA-based freak funk phenom has been blowing up the live music scene with their funky mix of blues, psychedelic and jam since 2006. While the band points to such bands as Turkuaz, Lettuce, Pink Floyd, and Primus as inspiration for their cross-genre sound, they find their home in the traditions of funk and blues. Balancing surprising improvisations with memorable melodies, the band’s music features an eclectic range of sounds and influences, including world percussion, synth leads, exploratory soundscapes, bass breakdowns, and spot-on vocal harmonies. Known for their high energy shows and catchy, inventive lyrics, a Dr. Slothclaw show will not only inspire you to join-in on their legendary mass-audience sing-alongs, but will leave you pumping with adrenaline.





Darla is an 8-piece progressive funk group from Philadelphia. Self-described ‘basement blender funk,’ the band’s sound is a melding of its raw origin in the Philly basement scene and keen compositional focus on feeling the groove. At its core, the Darla sound is driven by a powerful horn section that wields a lyrical and catchy sense of phrasing. Their efforts are matched by a jarring and methodical rhythm section that has been described as ‘Steely Dan with Dave Grohl on drums'.

Since forming in 2014, Darla has shared the stage with the likes of Snarky Puppy, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, George Porter Jr. (of The Meters), Kamasi Washington, and Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles. They have released five EPs to date, including their most recent effort Darla Comes Alive Vol. 2, and plan to release a sixth before the year is out. Darla is ready to share their funk across the eastern seaboard with shows & festival appearances lined up for the rest of 2016.





Killiam Shakespeare is a critically acclaimed music collective based in Philadelphia. The band is led by Steve McKie and Corey Bernhard – both seasoned musicians and producers whose status as artists are matched only by the caliber of performers they've collaborated with, including Bilal, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and John Legend. Versatility is synonymous with Killiam Shakespeare, who seamlessly blend jazz, funk, hip-hop, R&B and soul.





In a time of merging cultures and evolution, NorthEast Corners creates a bridge between past and present. Take a trip through time and space with us.





Zach and Sam from Out of the Beardspace are Hungry Ghost, a drums/keys duo that will drown you in hammers sonically.




Mammal Dap is adventurous, psych-fusion from Northampton, Massachusetts, comprised of Killian Karlsson (guitar), Zack Cross (synths), Reed Sutherland (bass, synth bass), and Colin Jalbert (drums, samples). Together they interweave hypnotic beats with pumping bass, lush pads and soaring hooks. Balancing a deep love of nostalgic tones with a digital-age sensibility, their sound evokes the aesthetics of Bonobo, Flying Lotus and Tycho. Their energetic live shows and rigorous touring have elevated crowds from New England to Texas, leading them to share the stage with acclaimed acts including The Motet, The Nth Power, Tauk, Marco Benevento and many more.

Their debut EP, 5lbs High5, captures the group's earliest songwriting sessions in a swirling blend of psychedelic soul and warm electronic textures. The Massachusetts' Valley Advocate describes it as “a lush, laidback and funky sound that would provide a perfect soundtrack for cruising town in a very large Cadillac.” The band's first full-length, simply titled Mammal Dap, release marked their arrival with matured and refined sound. The 11-track album showcases focused, road-tested material wrapped in wildly imaginative production that blurs the lines between electronic music and spirited group improvisation




Elegant, articulate, and expansive, Juniper, the new record from instrumental percussion trio Square Peg Round Hole manages to convey – and evoke – an entire range of human emotions despite its lack of a single sung word. “Because we are an instrumental group, our hope is that people connect with the songs and assign their own meanings to them,” says Evan Chapman. ”Without lyrics telling the listener how to feel, it leaves the music as an open-ended question.” A sonic mirror reflecting the listener’s subconscious emotional state back at themselves, Juniper engages with the fundamental and primeval. 

When it came time to write Juniper, the follow up to 2013’s Corners, the group made a conscious effort to compose together as an ensemble. Evan Chapman, Sean M. Gill, and Carlos Pacheco-Perez split writing sessions between a cabin in rural western Maryland and a remote area of Wisconsin called Egg Harbor at farm-turned-music center Birch Creek. “There is a large, resonant space where we performed at Birch Creek called Juniper Hall,” explains Chapman, “which is actually where we came up with the name for the album.”

In the years prior to Juniper, the band spent time honing their instrumentation and specific roles within the band. As a result, Juniper feels like it was written holistically, by a cohesive creative unit; drum set, vibes, and Rhodes being the primary sound palette. The band also dove deeper into sampling and analog synthesizers with Juniper, adding further dimensionality and nuance to their work. Together Gill, Pacheco-Perez, the brothers Chapman, and mix engineer Bryan Laurenson (Copeland) created a record that speaks without words, taking listeners on a journey through the self. 

The ultimate headphone record, luxurious with the energy of unison drums, or the serenity of bowed vibraphone, and the fascinating timbres of found objects/scrap metals, Juniper is a bold artist statement from a fearless creative force, at once expansive and intimate. “This is a dynamic record, with moments that are heavier, grittier, and faster than we've ever written, and others delicate, fragile and introspective,” says Chapman. “We strive to make our music stimulating and intelligent. At the same time, we’ve found that people connect with percussion on a very primitive level, and therefore we think that there is something for all types of listeners on this record.”

Square Peg Round Hole formed in 2011 while studying music at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, in Bloomington, Indiana. The band has shared bills with Built To Spill, The Album Leaf, Mae, This Will Destroy You, and The Joy Formidable, and has been featured at major venues across the country including the Electric Factory, (Le) Poisson Rouge, Old National Centre, and the World Café Live.




Edenspore is a multifaceted project combining the creative passions of Robyn Mello. While permaculture design, musical performance, visual art, herbal medicine, and self-sufficiency education may seem like too broad a reach to many, Robyn sees each of these passions as mutually reinforcing and has been building each skill separately for several years. Besides, do you know anyone who's truly one-dimensional?

Robyn is a practical dreamer who receives most of her guidance from The Earth. She began landscape design by starting a dozen community gardens and food forests on vacant land in Philadelphia with Philly Food Forests in 2010, started an off-grid organic farm in Bucks County in 2013, and has worked with non-profit Philadelphia Orchard Project designing and educating around community orchards since 2014. She began writing and performing original music in 2011 and has been lead singer of earth-worshipping world folk band, The Radicans, since 2013. She began teaching permaculture-based workshops in 2011, and has been Education and Vending Curator for South Jersey's music, art, and self-sufficiency festival, Beardfest since 2015. Additionally, she began honing her skills as a mycologist in 2014 with Philadelphia's only mushroom farm, Mycopolitan Mushroom Company.

Robyn’s musical performances have been very well-received because the lyrical themes and power of her voice are refreshingly unique and often described as "entrancing". Her songs stir people with dreamy music and usher them through their days with calls to action to listen deeply to the earth and each other. Moreover, the messages inherent in her songs and workshops continue to gain relevance as sociopolitical events continue to unfold.

Due to her professional and spiritual connections to the earth, Robyn has developed a special ability to call in the essence of the place in which she performs, channeling the sacred energy of a forest or the guttural language of a city through her bare feet as she weaves story and song from multiple influences.

Robyn prefers to engage more deeply with audience members before or after performances through leading workshops. Some that she has taught in Philly and at regional festivals include: Plant and mushroom identification walks. The Safety, Spirituality, and Ethics of Foraging, Introduction to Permaculture Design Principles and Ethics, Introductory Food Forest Design, Introductory Veggie Garden Design, Mushroom Medicine: The Missing Link in Holistic Health, Gentle Yet Powerful Herbal Medicines for Beginners, and Food As Medicine: Incorporating whole foods and herbs into everyday meals.

Additionally, Robyn creates healing jewelry from stones and natural objects, makes herbal medicine from plants and mushrooms she grows and forages, and uses her skills as a permaculture designer to consult with and provide regenerative visions for the landscapes of various residential clients.

Audience members have compared Edenspore music to Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Hiatus Kaiyote, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom, and more. However, far more frequently, listeners comment emphatically about the unique, refreshing, and entrancing quality of Robyn’s voice, lyrics, message, and melodies.

“...Like a true witch, Robyn gives the bolder, more magical reality her all, transporting an audience there for the duration of a set and however long her voice echoes after.

“Her songs talk of joy, darkness, growth and revolution in the sense of reconnection - with cycles of sun and soil, and the roots of the oldest trees. Her vocal range is incredible - maintaining pure power from the grittiest growl to soaringest trill, like she's channeling wilderness itself. Several themes run through her work: celebrating the strong, creative feminine in The Descendants and Bogwitch; dreaming and communing with spirits in Aim For The Night and Stumped; opening toward healing love, both personal and world-changing, in Moon Bath and The Antidote; having something worth dying for in Hard Shell Progression.

“Over the past four years I've gone to all of Robyn's shows that I can because I want to live in the vision that seems to guide her. These days, all institutions seem to be in flux, the ground under our feet crumbling, a scary time of uncertainty. Robyn sees it and lives there too, then does the artist's alchemy to embody something simultaneously new and timeless instead. With her newest incarnation Edenspore, from music to mushroom potions and more, she continues to front-run the future and unseat the creeping dread.

“She builds a table and then puts it all out there -- hope, fear, shadow, light, loss, love -- and it gives me hope that no matter the travails we face, all will have a place, should we choose to partake and fight together.”
--Marlon MacAllister, author of Meld Resistance




Muscle Tough

Muscle Tough is Philadelphia’s premier Futuristic Funk Fusion trio. Formed in 2014 at TIME, the band has developed a sound that is a heavily improvised blend of modal jazz, funk, and psychedelia. Drawing from a widely diverse set of influences and a common love of sonic texture, their unique use of sound design and group-minded improvisation allows them to create eclectic original compositions, as well as stretch classic pop hits to new depths. In 2016 they released their first EP, “Greasin’ Up The Mediocrity Wheel”, and shared noteworthy live collaborations with members of Phish, Medeski Martin & Wood and Dopapod. The band is close to finishing their first full length effort, “Magical Achievements”.





It was around 2004. Yeah, we were in middle school. The first year we auditioned for the talent show, we didn't make it, but like Michael Jordan we kept at it. Back then, Jeremy Savo from Out of the Beardspace was in the band. We were called Dynamic Monotone and we still have a myspace. Check it out;) Things were great for quite sometime. We used to write songs that made life feel like it made sense, and it was god damn liberating to have a say in what was going to happen in the music. My parents' basement was an awesome place. But soon all I wanted to do was jam, and Zack moved to a studio in New York, and goodbye to Dynamic Monotone. Then by some miracle, we started playing together again a number of years later. For the last three years, we've made music, gardened, cooked, talked and chilled together. We only played 1 show in those 3 years, but now we are ready to reach out and share the music that has made us tight friends and better people. I would love the music to make other peoples lives better too, so here it is!



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