CityBeard FAQ


Q: Is it outdoors?

A: Yes! Our venue, The Ukie Club in Northern Liberties is a large and open green space – all grass, and with trees surrounding the perimeter. There will be lots of hammocks set up in the trees courtesy of ENO Hammocks, 2 outdoor stages, vendors, workshops, and open mics all happening outside. There will also be an indoor space available throughout the day where workshops will also be held. The late night afterparty sets will also be held indoors once Moon Hooch finished on the main stage at 10pm.

Q: Is the show all ages?

A: Yes, all are welcome! Families are encouraged to bring their children; kids 12 and under are free. You must be 21 to drink alcohol of course!

Q: Is there reentry?

A: Yes.

Q: What are my options for parking?

A: FREE parking is available for blocks surrounding the venue. Believe it or not, you should have a very easy time parking for free and near the venue at Citybeard. Just make sure to read and reread all parking signs on the block you park on to be extra safe!

Q: Will beer and alcohol be served onsite?

A: Yes! The Ukie club has a full service bar onsite and will be selling beer and alcohol throughout the day. You must be 21+ to drink!

Q: Do I need to buy a ticket for my child or are they free?

A: Children 12 and under are FREE! Anyone 13 or older needs a ticket.

Q: Will tickets be sold the day of the festival at the door?

A: Yes!

Q: Is the outdoor area like a park with grass, trees, picnic tables, etc?

A: Yes! This will be a comfortable and beautiful green space. Grass, trees, picnic tables, hammocks, and of course art all over the place! Some that you can participate in as well!

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: YASS! Dogs are allowed in our outdoor main event space as long as they are kept on leash. AND you have to pick up their poop💩💩!!! The outdoor venue space at the Ukie Club is an expansive grassy park, so your dog will be very comfortable and happy!

Q: Can I BYOB?

A: No, the venue has a bar, so the law does not permit BYOB in this venue.

Q: What neighborhood in Philly is this in?

A: Northern Liberties

Q: What are the cross streets that this is at?

A: 7th and Poplar

Q: Will you guys have Citybeard T-Shirts?

A: Yes, but only a very limited supply, so grab yours early!

Q: What is the exact address?

A: Ukrainian American Citizens’ Association (Ukie Club on Franklin), 847 N Franklin St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Q: How do I buy tickets?


Q: How do I find the Citybeard Facebook event page?


Q: Are there any articles I can read that talk about what the festival will be like?

A: Yes! Here is one with NEPAudio: AND Here is one with Cherry-Veen Zine:

Q: What is the music schedule?


Q: What is the workshops schedule?


Q: Will Glitterous be there?

A: Of course.

Q: Do YoU nEeD a BeArD tO gEt In???

A: No! Beardfest and Citybeard have nothing to do with Beards. Rather, they are named after after their host band Out of the Beardspace. For Beardfest’s story, click HERE

Q: Is smoking/vaping allowed on the grounds?

A: Yes, smoking and vaping are allowed in our outdoor venue space.

Q: Will there be food available for purchase onsite?

A: Yes.

Q: Will there be vegetarian and vegan food options?

A: Yes.


A: Yea.

Q: What time do doors open?

A: 11am

Q: What time do music and activities start?

A: Noon.

Q: How many times is Zach LoPresti playing?

A: Approximately 4 times.

Q: Will there be gender neutral bathrooms?

A: Yes.

Q: Will there be a place onsite that we can fill up our reusable water bottles for free?

A: Indeed.