Volunteer Application

VOLUNTEER at Beardfest 2019

Joining the Beardfest team is a great way to earn a nearly free ticket to Beardfest and to get some cool perks – like a free snacks throughout your shifts and a free Beardfest poster. Best of all, though, might be the memories that you create by joining the Beardfest family and the sense of being a part of something special.

In order to join the volunteer or street team, you will have to

buy a refundable volunteer or street team ticket

through our main ticketing site.  There are a limited amount of volunteer and street team positions available. These tickets are available on a first come, first served basis, and will probably all be snatched up within the first couple days of them being made available.


-REFUNDABLE TICKET we will refund everything except $10. The Refund will go through online in the week following the event. Any ticket fees will be refunded along with the ticket. Refunds WILL NOT be given to anyone who bails on a shift.

-Free Beardfest 2019 Poster, claimable at the merch table anytime throughout the event.

– Free snacks throughout your shift


-Work Three 3 hour shifts.

-We will assign shifts and roles in advance of the festival. You must be willing to work whichever shifts and roles you are assigned. This means we are ONLY ACCEPTING VOLUNTEERS WHO PLAN TO ATTEND BEARDFEST FROM START TO FINISH.

-Show up on time for your shifts and work throughout the whole shift. (If you fail to do this, your ticket will not be refunded)

– Show up SOBER and ready to work hard for your shifts. We are counting on you!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your responsibilities, feel free to contact our street team coordinator Maribeth at maribethcapelli@gmail.com before signing up.